Tuesday, May 31, 2005

not too soon

i haven't been very good with updating lately, but i've been busy and at the same time, not that many exciting things happened.

I submitted my assignement today and i think it went ok. The main lecturer (the photographer) liked it i think, but i really hate that yi nong dude, whatever his name is. I think caz and chris had him for history and theory sometime before i came to this wonderful country. Anyway, he really pisses me off but it doesn't matter, i don't care about his opinion.

Now i just need to work on the cofa assignment, and hopefully i'll get it done ok. I don't understand how i can have had soooo much free time during this session and still feel like i'm running out of it. The other night i realised that i'm leaving really really soon and that freaked me out a bit. Everything should be fine but i'm leaving really soon after the end of the session and i feel a bit rushed. On the other hand, i can't wait. Oh well, it's always the same thing.

I'm fully back into a reading phase which is good and bad. It's good because it's been good books, and well, we know i like to read, but it's bad because i go to bed way too late since i just can't stop myself and there isn't anyone here to tell me to go to bed. If i could bore someone to sleep instead, i probably wouldn't read so much and sleep so late in the mornings either. I have to get up early tomorrow to go to cofa and get stuff done before i go to my class and I don't know if i'll wake up. That's the thing i hate about that, is that i can't even trust myself even when it's important for me to do it. uuuugh, i hope i sort that out sometime....

Sunday, May 29, 2005

this is the layout for one of my classes final assignments, intro to architectural photography. We had to work on the fbe building, the red centre, we'll see how it goes on tuesday..................

hey do you know any of those people because we certainly don't....share the spirit of coogee bay hotel where meeting random people is the essence of it....

Thursday, May 26, 2005


Those of you born under the influence of the Chinese Astrology Element of Water act with the assured fluidity of a river, affecting your environment with your strength and quiet charm. Creative and captivating, diplomatic and intuitive, Water individuals are the masters of subtle persuasion. Without even appearing to try, you can gain someone's trust and affection, and once you've got them they'll follow you anywhere. You make everyone feel special, noting and praising each person's unique talents.
Your inherent pliability, the fluid calm that makes you so appealing, can also make you sometimes too passive, too willing to be what someone wants you to be. You tend to take the shape of whatever container you're poured into.Rather than letting others dam up your energies, let yourself flow freely!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the time traveler's wife

"It's hard being left behind. I wait for Henry, not knowing where he is, wondering if he's okay. It's hard to be the one who stays.
I keep myself busy. The time goes faster that way.
I got to sleep alone, and wake up alone. I take walks. I work until I'm tired. I watch the wind play with the trash that's been under the snow all winter. Everything seems simple until you think about it. Why is love intensified by absence?
Long ago, men went to sea and women waited for them, standing on the edge of the water, scanning the horizon for the tiny ship. Now I wait for henry. I wait for him. Each moment is as slow and transparent as glass. Through each moment I can see infinite moments lined up, waiting. Why has he gone where I cannot follow?"

This is the prologue to the book I am reading right now, does it make sense why I picked it???

what's up!

hum, i haven't been writing much lately, but at least it means that i have been slightly busier than usual, so that's a good thing i suppose.
I've been working a fair bit on different assignments due in the next couple of weeks. Most of them are on tracks and slowly but surely getting there. Obviously, i've made a few mistakes that have made me waste a bit of time, but nothing dramatic.
I'm hoping to do good on these assignments so that hopefully, that will give me potential to put into a portfolio as the day when i will have to start looking for a job for real is coming fast.
Caz, Nikki and I have been going out a fair bit too, mainly for steack and wedges at coogee bay hotel, without mentioning the jugs.
Last saturday was good, we went to coogee bay, had too much beer (for a change) and danced. Remind me to do the sting ray dance one day, it's well worth it and soooo sexy. There was a reggae festival there, with a kiwi band playing, so the place was packed with polynesian people, who despite a few hotties, are massive and scary, the girls being by far the scariest. You don't want to mess around with them in the ladies....trust me on that one.
Other than that, my baby chris is somewhere in the north of India, finally enjoying some good coffee and lots of delicious cakes and food. Overall, he's happier, the people are much nicer (apparently there are a lot of tibetians over there) and it's cooler too. The trip to get there sounded like quite an ordeal though with lots of packed buses and filthy trains, and here they go again, after only a couple days in the little place where the good café is, they are moving again to go further north, not sure where though. I should be able to give more details soon when i hear from them.
So yeah, i'm probably forgetting some things, but that gives an idea until i can think of anything else to add,
love y'all, FB

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thirteen VS Never been kissed

This week, I watched two movies and it wasn’t a conscious choice of mine to chose two movies addressing the same issue in two diametrically different ways but it just happened.
The central issue adressed is teenagers and what does it imply to be one amongst other teenagers at school for instance, or amongst adults, parents for example.

Thirteen is hard to watch, it is shocking because it deals with problems such as drugs, sex, depression, self-mutilation, anorexia. Basically, name it and it’s in there. Those problems exist in real life, hopefully from a distance though. What makes it hard to watch is that the main characters in the movie are two 13 years old girls. Physically, I suppose they can look older than what they are but their way of dealing with things that happen to them reveal how young they really are. I suppose the movie tries to express that, besides the fact that teenager years are tough for most of us, the society we live in doesn’t consider that phase as a real age, but rather as an in between phase from childhood to adulthood. The difference is starting to look more and more like a very slim line, that barely exists anymore since at a very young age, kids are starting to become more sexual than they have ever been. What I mean is that studies show that the interest in school for example, is decreasing because girls are more interested in boys than they used to be at that age. This goes with the fact that fashion is targetting younger markets and proposing g-strings for 8 years old girls, telling them that looking like trash-baggy Britney Spears is the way to go.

So how are teenagers supposed to deal with that period they are going through? What are they meant to be when they are not kids anymore but not adults yet either?

Well, the movie probably tries to give an exagerated answer to that : they try “adult” things but in excess, they step into risky territory and don’t know how to get out of it, they push themselves to the limits of society without understanding the reasons behind those barriers, and they try growing up too fast.
So what exactly is the purpose of the movie? Who is targetted to watch it?
Well, maybe opening our eyes, showing that the world can be a big bad thing with lots of scary things about it and that these are accessible to young people who should be more concerned with getting good grades, making nice respectable friends and practising kissing technics on their hands (has anyone ever done that???) Well, maybe it’s about time to realise that yes, we know all that and it’s not about hiding all that stuff from them, turning them into ignorants who will want to try it
a) because it is forbidden by authority figures that they are trying to reject to be their own original person,
b) they don’t want to be treated as kids anymore and want to prove that they are able to make their own decisions
c) because the message they get is that society and adults are just telling them they are stupid because they can’t understand those things yet.

Is it such a surprise that girls in the US get pregnant when they are still in high school? What would happen if, instead of preaching abstinence, they gave them the keys to a responsible attitude by providing condoms at school or trying to work on communication methods with someone else than the parents or teachers to answer questions that are natural but shut down by every adult around them? I’m not saying that it would fix everything, I just believe that turning sex into a huge taboo just doesn’t help the matter very much.
Another thing that is a bit ironic about it is that it seems to be adressed to thirteen years olds but because of the actual violence or coarse language in the movie or whatever else, they are not actually allowed to watch it. Well that wouldn’t keep them from watching it on dvd but that’s not the point. What it means is that although we are dealing with problems suposedly about adolescence or whatever, it is not judged appropriate for that age category to be exposed to it....

On the other hand, “Never been kissed” is absolutely appropriate for a young audience but does that mean that the message is much different?
“Never been kissed” is in the romantic comedy category, it’s colorful, happy, apparently “hilarious” according to the back of the dvd, and it ends with a real love kiss scene. To make a long story short, Drew Barrymore is an undercover journalist writting a paper on kids today, in a high school. What makes the core of the movie is that in her high school years, the character of Drew Barrymore was the biggest nerd so the movie revolves around how she gets a second chance to fit in and become “popular”.

Well, how bad can that be? Does it contribute to the problems that teenagers face? How does this movie deal with the problems of adolescence compared to Thirteen? Is it actually worse in the end?

Ok “Thirteen” talks about Sex, How is it dealt with in “Never been kissed”?
Well, it is mentioned a few times throughout the movie but i guess the most obvious part about it is the sex ed scene. One of Drew’s friends and colleagues comes by the high school to say hello and is mistaken for the person who is supposed to give a sex talk on that day. Anyway, she represents the woman who sleeps around quite a bit but who has never been in love... So, her sex talk starts with very down to earth comments which make all the kids laugh etc... and then, they practise putting a condom on a banana. Hum, very interesting except that it looks like not a single one of them has ever seen a condom in their lives. They are pulling on them, blowing into them, struggling big time to make it fit on the banana etc.... Oh, and they are supposed to be 17. So although, this is what it should be like since they are legaly under-age to have sex, it just seems a bit strange that they get their first sex ed class in their senior year of high school. I remember having sex ed when i was in year 8 and we all knew what a condom looked like. Maybe, it was to get them ready for the prom.... Then of course, you get the whole well-thought speech about penguins who wait until they find their other penguin and never get with anyone else... How realistic and it doesn’t change the fact that one who plays the absolute air-head in the movie is completely obsessed with having sex on the prom night and tells the guy that he is her penguin...

“Thirteen” adresses the issue of drugs and alcohol, How is it dealt with in “Never been kissed”?
It is never shown in the movie, except when Drew and her only geeky friend drive past the “court” where the “popular” kids hang out and apparently get in trouble but that’s just assuming. Of course, the nerds are not allowed to hang out there. What’s a bit wrong about that is that the only wish that nerds have is to be cool and popular and therefore, be allowed to go to the “court” and drink. Another example is when Drew goes to a club and the bouncer asks if she is drinking tonight. She says that she is under-age bla bla bla and what does she get? A rubber stamp mark saying “loser” on her wrist... well that confirms what i was trying to say before, drinking is cool. And then, when she is a total loser at the club, she sits down with a bunch of rastas and, as a joke, they give her some space cake to eat. Obviously she gets really high and starts dancing on stage with the band. Well, that’s the part in the movie when she thinks that the popular ones finally think she is cool and that they will want to be her friend. So now, drugs are cool as well.

Finally, “Thirteen” adresses the issue of eating disorders, How is it dealt with in “Never been kissed”?
It’s not a dominant theme but it is suggested at least twice. First, very briefly and not so bad when one of the three super-hot super-cool super-skinny girls walks into the cafeteria and complains about how many % of fat are in the muffin. Well, it’s pretty well-known that muffins are not the best for a healthy diet but it just shows the obsession about weight issues and that is confirmed since she ends up not having lunch at all.
The second time, and that’s worse, is when another one of them announces that she will only have water and laxatives before prom. Hum, laxatives are actually used by a lot of people suffering from anorexia and I’m not convinced it’s so appropriate to turn that into a joke. It gets even worse when Drew’s brother, also camouflaged as a student pretends that Drew’s father is the owner of that laxative company and wow, do they find that cool!!! Actually, this is pretty much when they decide that she can become their friend...
Hum, so anorexia is cool too....

So ok, just to sum that up, in “Never been kissed”, sex is a complete mystery, drinking and doing drugs is cool as well as eating disorders. Well, that brings those two movies close together doesn’t it, since basically, the main character in both is a nerd to start with, who, to be accepted by the popular group, has to engage into risky behaviour. At the end of the day, the messages sent by those two movies are pretty much the same, except “thirteen” says that yes, the popular kids do that, and maybe that’s what makes them so cool but it also leads to self-destruction and extremely dangerous situations but is made in such a way that it is regarded as inappropriate to young audiences which makes the message difficult to come accros.
On the other hand, “never been kissed” is directly targetted to them. “Thirteen” endorses the role of the shocking movie and I suppose that, in a way, if we are dealing with confronting problems, well it might be a more appropriate response than dissimulating the same messages under layers of pink glossy non-sense, and finishing the movie by a profound monologue on how the geek friend at the beginning was so much better than the cool ones. Hum, ok, and who actually thinks, especially as a teenager, that they are proud of being geeks...............?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

partays in the outback are wild!!!!!!!!!!

The fort in Agra, interior of the fort, the Taj Mahal, and a detail from an erotic temple in Khajurho (they knew how to have fun in those days, that's for sure)

he's fiiiiine!!!!!!!!!!!

so tell me quickly what you've been doing? and if you're liking it etc...

well, after leaving Varannsi we went to Agra. home of the Taj mahal. the taj was increadible . its is so beautiful (not as beautiful as you though) but it is absolutly wonderful.
we spent two days in Agra, the place its self isn't ver nice. the fist day after getting off the train at 7am we got a driver to take us around to the main sites of agra.

we first went to the Agra fort. this was amazing cause its a huge fort with massive walls running around the outside made from red sand stone. inside there are increadible spaces that open up from small dingy tunnels that appear from small holes in the walls. some of the rooms were just increadible. all white marble with intricatly calved arches and columns inlaid with colourful stones. after this we then went to the place know as the baby Taj which is a tomb for of one of the previous rulers. it was also increadible because of how, again, all the surfaces were inlaid with geometrical designs and also floral designs. also, most of the rooms were screened by screens calved entirely from marble in geometric designs. it sat on a red sand stone base and contrasted so well with the marble. also there were four big red sandstone domes on each of the corners of the wall that ran around the outside. the taj was built for love, it was a monument for one of the wifes of one of the mughal rulers built around 1500

lucky woman, will you build me a taj laurahal one day?

she died giving birth to her 14th child. i think she deserved it
then, after visiting the baby taj we went to the back side of the Taj Mahal and watched it during sunset. the next morning we got up early and went to the taj mahal. it truley is wonderful. so intricate and symetrical, everythiing is in perfect symetry. unfortunately the museum they have there was closed at that time. the are suppose to have some of the original architectural drawing there that i would have love to have seen. after that we caught a train and a bus to a place called Orchhra. actually, very hot. I think every day since leaving Nepal it has been 40C +. Orchhra is just a little place which was nice and surrounding it are the ruins of three old palaces and quite a number of temples. we arrived in the afternoon and went and had a look aournd the first palace complex. we couldn't go inside the palaces because they were closed for the night but we walked around inside the walls of the kingdom. it was great because at the moment there are no tourists so we had the entire place to oursleves. as we walkes around we would come across ruins of the old mansions and other houses. took lots of photos. the next day we then went into the palaces. this was the best fun because we could pretty much go any where inside the palaces and there were so many tunnels and rooms to explore. we went into the kings room in one of the palaces and the paintings were still mostly intact on the roof, the architecture is so good. everything is so ornamental, everythins is carved, after the palaces we then checked out a few temples but it was so hot by then and the temples are not as good as the palaces so it wasn't as exciting, the next morning after a bad sleep, hot and headache, i felt awful. We were going to leave that morning so Jacinta got a doctor to check me out, apparently it is a fever associated with the changing of the seasons. the examination was pretty funny, very brief but he assured me i would be ok. " i am doctor, you be ok sir". he gave me some tablets and told me to eat biscuits and tea. we then travled to where we are now, K............, not sure of the spelling but its home of the erotic temples. they look increadible but will wait till tomorrow to check them out. Jacinta has come down with food poising again and i still don't feel 100%

Well, he sounded great and it was absolutely great speaking to him since I had reached the limit after which I was about to start worrying again.... I just hope they both get better soon and they keep visiting places just as amazing. I'm starting to feel a bit jealous, but I like his detailed explanations and can't wait to see his photos. That's as close as I will get to it for now, but it will be much better than nothing. Hope everyone enjoyed this little account, I think it sounds like they're having a pretty awesome time....

funny week

This week was funny here, full of unexpected events. First, I bumped into Chris-with-a-K at uni the other day while i was taking photos of the red centre, and he was good, very busy with the investigation workshop for his graduation project. His site sounds awesome and what he will do with it, we will see, but it sounds really cool. It was nice speaking to him, we had a nice long talk and obviously, i gave him an update on you. He commented that you were very quiet, but obviously, he doesn't sleep with you so what does he expect....?
I also bumped into helena in the labs and she looked good as well. I bumped into Emma in front of the bookstore, the day after she came over and finally, last but not least, and that is the reason for the title of this email.................let me explain.....
Last night, the round house was having a jazz night for charity so we were gonna go there. It was 15 bucks, which is a bit steep bit it was for a good deed. Although, we're not good people (caz, nixta and me) because we had a beer outside first, and since it sounded pretty sucky, we didn't actually go inside, so we saved 15 bucks. We decided to go down to coogee bay hotel instead, and as we were gonna sit down armed with a jug and three glasses, we bumped into a birthday boy.....Presty with a bunch of his friends. They invited us to join them so we did. One of the people there was the canadian guy carol had offended at your place while i was on the phone from Paris... Anyway, we had a really nice time, some good laughs and when it was closing, we decided to try our luck somewhere else, at the coach and horses hotel in randwick. They didn't let us in for some unknown reason so we went to Scott's (canadian guy) and Ian's, his german flatty. You probably know them because they live in Cowper st., The appartement that you can see from your old "backyard" looking up. So yeah, by the time we got there, it would have been close to 4 i would say and everyone was a bit.....hum....inhibriated. We stayed there until 6, Nikky was pretending to sleep because german Ian was pulling all his smooth moves on her, unsuccessfully needless to say. The poor thing, she didn't know what to do without being just rude, so she faked the sleeping cover technique.
Anyway, we got pretty tired and went home after a lenghty session of exchanging numbers and good-bye huggies.
I must say that i am feeling slightly seedy today, not as bad as last time i drank too much but not much better...
I think i'll go back to bed as soon as it is socially acceptable, pretty much when night falls i think.
Presty was very sweet, and said some extremely touching things about you. He seemed a bit more relaxed than usual, meaning that he spoke but maybe it was the booooze... anyway, we had a really really good time, and it is always quite interesting to see how nights can turn out nothing like the original plan....
I hope you enjoyed this little story, it is by far the most excting thing that happened to me in quite a while, trust me.....

Thursday, May 12, 2005

fre(n)ch news

Hello there, things are going well, I have trouble falling asleep at night because my head is boiling with ideas for the different assignments i have to do. well, it's especially the cofa one that keeps me awake, so i keep my fat little notebook next to me and from time to time, i turn on the light and write something, i even make really dodgy sketches that make sense only to me. So yeah, I'm feeling a bit stimulated by all that and will try not to keep it to the last minute so that I might have a chance to do well.

Yesterday, I had the cofa class and in a last minute type of thing, we ended up going to the MCA to see the exhibition i went to see a few days ago (Rosemary Laing). It doesn't matter because it was more interesting to go with the teacher. Anyway, once we were done, everyone kinda left separatly but i ended up walking back and taking the bus with the teacher, and we had a nice "grown-up" talk, so i asked about post-graduate stuff etc... and then I said that I'd like to work as an assistant photographer (if possible architectural) and she said that she knew at least one and could ask him if he wanted an assistant, and if not, if he knew anyone who might etc.... so then i said, well unfortunately, now I have to start looking for a real office job with an architect and she asked if i had found an architect or knew anyone, so I said, no, and then she said that she knew some and that I should give her my stuff and that she would pass it on to them etc... So I think that's great, and I have to get my resume etc... ready to give it to her and see what happens with that. I also have to show her that I am a good dertermined student so that she can talk in good about me... Anyway, now i want to check if they would accept the assistant job as part of the work experience. That would be cool. I might send an email to Ann Quinlan and Jane Castle about that and see what they say about it. So yeah, that's my new plan of action, we shall see...

Other than that, I have to go into the city to get a new battery for my daddy's camera because it's flat. I'm feeling a bit lazy about doing that but I have to. I also want to go to uni to take digital photos of the red centre to get an idea of what i'm doing, before i start taking real ones. And on top of that, we, as a group with Sagar and Justine, need to get moving on the Barcelona assignment. I have a feeling it will end up being a last minute thing and I'm not very happy about it so I might have to either motivate the troops or start on my own, just to get it moving a bit. Since it isn't due until we get to barcelona, they are both putting stuff in front of it in terms of priorities but it's actually quite a bit of work so we better not wait too long or it's gonna be shit.

Well, as you can see, my life at the moment revolves around uni, since i don't actually have a life. Caz hasn't been here for a long time now, so I miss her a bit. She's pretty busy with work and other things, she had an award ceremony a few days ago because she was the best student for the first 3 years. I don't know how she does it or what she does to get those things but it's pretty cool.

Allright, you must all be playing dead by now, so i better go take a shower,

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

a few interior shots, ignore the furniture for now

photos of the house in FW

long awaited update, you won't regret it, it's gold!!

Emma came over the other day, she brougt a CD with pictures from Albury, mainly the Bobcat ones (god bless digital), and some from tabletop etc... plus a little bonus, since i watched the little movie that she took at the airport when Chriso is waving goodbye. I watched it a few times because it was nice to see him move and speak at the same time.

I miss him a lot, but in a peaceful kind of way, I'm impressing myself with my patience, and I manage to not let myself get too sad, it's probably because time is going by, not super fast, but at a steady pace and that there isn't too long to go, at least until a temporary relief.

My mum has been sending me pix of the new house that laurent took over there, and it looks really really nice. As she says, it's a house version of our appartement in Nice, and it looks like everyone will feel very comfy and at home there. I wonder when i'll be able to visit that place, I can't wait, especially once the aweful furniture the current people have is gone and replaced by ours, it will be a beautiful homy nest.

I've been having pretty quiet days without much happening which is why my updating rate has decreased a bit. I have to really get started on the final assignments, all due in about a month. It should be ok though, and they are all quite different and interesting. It's all photography but I might have told you that already. By the end of the session, I sould have improved a little I think, well, I hope. I do really like it though and I love using that camera, it's a wonderful toy. The digital camera must feel very neglected since i haven't picked it up for ages...

Allright, I don't think I'm forgetting anything, especially since i didn't really have anything to say in the first place.

take care of yourselves and each other (Jerry Springer's last words on every episode, the only bit that's worth it)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

fallen bride

unquiet landscapes

unquiet landscapes

the other day I went to see an exhibition at the MCA (Museum of Modern Art). The "unquiet landscapes of Rosemary laing" were on show. In the exhibition, the artist questions the relation of our body or society to nature.
One of the series, is photographs taken in the Blue mountains rainforest, with carpets set on the ground. From a distance, it isn't obvious because the carpets blend into the landscape's colours and patterns. From closer, one can recognize the flowery patterns of the old-fashioned carpets which questions the idea of colonisation of Australia by the English and the idea of colonialising even the wildest place that shouldn't belong to anyone.
Another series was "the fallen bride" where one can see a bride falling through the sky. first, she is lightly fying through it, and then, she is shot and falling through it. The bride and her attire symbolise the old society model of purity but the big fluffy dress also expresses the heaviness of it and the distance from the actual body.
Those photographs are more surprising since they are not digitally composed adding a flying bride to a photo of a sky. Instead they are realised with stunts and a number of technics for them to be somewhat "real". This also introduces the whole debat on the "reality" of photography as a practice.
I enjoyed this exhibition because it showed a way of expressing something with the photographs, beyond a mere recording of events. This is what i find the hardest to achieve, and which probably draws the line between snap-happy shots and an artistic approach.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

“The camera should be used for a recording of life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh.”
Edward Weston

Hera Queen of Heaven and wife of Zeus the Cloud-Compeller

Queen of Heaven

"And in case there are any who still think all is well with the world as the sit down to their dinner, I can assure them that the news will not please everybody on Olympus or on Earth." The White-Armed Goddess Here
i'm such a dark poet....

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


love ( P ) Pronunciation Key (lv)
A deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such as that arising from kinship, recognition of attractive qualities, or a sense of underlying oneness.
A feeling of intense desire and attraction toward a person with whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance.
Sexual passion.
Sexual intercourse.
An intense emotional attachment, as for a pet or treasured object.
A person who is the object of deep or intense affection or attraction; beloved. Often used as a term of endearment.
An expression of one's affection: Send him my love.
A strong predilection or enthusiasm: a love of language.
The object of such an enthusiasm: The outdoors is her greatest love.
Love Mythology. Eros or Cupid.

assignments due (how interesting to write an entry on that...

Here things are ok, i suppose although i have had a couple misadventures, especially with that CD that doesn't work. I spent one hour at becu today trying to figure out what to do, they tried a few things but nothing worked, unfortunately. I do have some hopes though because i found a program on the internet that should normally rescue quite a few files, not all of them but luckily the things i want the most. Not all hope is gone, so i'm a bit happier about that.
the model assignment is finally over which is good since it sucked. Now it should become a bit more interesting.
The cofa assignement is due tomorrow as well, and i hope it goes well. I think it should without too much trouble. let's cross our fingers for that too.
The barcelona assignment that i did with sagar and justine is due tomorrow too and i think we'll be fine. It wasn't easy because we weren't able to access much stuff on the architect but we did with what we had and it should be allright. Some people had to work on Gaudi, and it's probably worse than in our case, since they would have had to sort out tons and tons of articles, and they wouldn't be able to say anything that hasn't been said a million times.
So yeah, after that, i will have the two photography final assignments to work on, which should be interesting, another assignment for barcelona, apparently involving a lot of photography too (is that a new pattern in my life???) and then i'll be on my way to come see you my soft baby that i miss so so much,
I'm getting pretty excited as time is going by and i can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!
on the social side, well, not much really, except that i'll probably go to the movies with caz on friday.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

before spring, must come winter

allright, it's winging time now, ready, set gooooooooooooooo!
- it was cold when i woke up which means that the days when i had to type with gloves on will be there soon
- i had a headache, my own fault though, well carlton's really
- I took pictures of models....again!! this time, i should be kinda set though, we'll see tomorrow when i go pick them up but it should be ok
- I was going to go to a bbq but feeling too tired, lazy and didn't want to go all by myself, hopefully, i will be invited again and that time go.
- In a brave attempt, I was going to start working on my portfolio when I realised that the CD where I had saved everything before deleting from the hard-drive doesn't work!!! well of course it doesn't, what did i expect? things to go the way they should have???
- my mummy is sad today after leaving a 12 years long job, the poor, you'll be ok mothita, I promise, and I love you very very much

so yeah, that was another great day, i'm quite glad it happened that way, and hopefully tomorrow will be time for a bit of spring in the air.....

msn addict

last night, we went to a party with caz in bondi beach, it was fun although we were probably the uncoolest people there, well right after two guys from czech republic who talked to us for a bit. we didn't really know anyone there, except for Sagar and the french guy Pierre. We didn't stay very very long and had a good time.
I'm feeling a bit tired today and have to take some more pictures. I should really get moving on that because the sky is starting to fill up with clouds but that's allright, i guess.
i just spoke for ages on msn with my friend Dawn in the States. It was great and it's so good that after 4 years without seeing each other, i still feel very close to her and always have a good laugh. Also she says i'm retarded. I suppose i become retarded whenever i speak to her.... or maybe, i just am.... (wonderment look on my face)

don't hate me because i'm beautiful... hihihihi, i stole it, yeees, scooooooooore. Oh god, should i really put that on the internet? i'm not sure anymore but i have to take responsability for my actions, or really in that case, for caz' strange behavior...
I might actually turn this into something good and make an important revelation.... the jeans that i am happily wearing on this photo is a pair that hasn't been able to go higher than my thighs for a number of months now, so i'm quite delighted to say that they fit me again, even if it's only for one week, maybe less, depending on when we got to the Regent again for a $5 steak...Posted by Hello

mental note : stop going to parties with Caz!! Posted by Hello