Monday, October 30, 2006

sketchup rocks!!

in an attempt to simulataneously keep help chris finish his assignment on time for thursday, keep myself entertained and learn how to use a pretty awesome little program,
here is a 3D model showing part of chris' design which kept me going for the better part of the week end.
also succombing to peer pressure, i was forced into baking a short notice cake and it was the most desastrous baking experience in my shot carreer..... i won;t go into details but the model was much MUCH better!!!
at the moment, my session is sort of quietly winding down while chris' is going a bit more fearcefuly, as a result our life is slightly on the boring side of things and should improve in a couple weeks, starting with a deluxe camping trip this coming week end!!!
soon after, new winging material will be present in the form of full time work...with the obvious advantage that work has over uni, that is money of course!! oh and i should give it more credit, i also get ridiculous amounts of free coffee!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Haaaaaaaappy BBBBBBiiirrrrrtthhhhdayyyyyyyyyy Fliiiiiibuuuuuurnaiiiiin

fliburnain fliburnain fliburnain fliburnain!!!!!!!!!!!!

yay happy birthday to marc, le plus grand fliburnain craninien que la terre ait porte!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't typed in a word on this blog for ages, replacing sentences by a couple images and hoping to get away with it... but it is time for a little debriefing/procrastinating (not even my own homework mind you, chris')
a few things did happen in the last few weeks,
first of all, I started working again and it;s been good, i can't lie... working part-time turns out to be a pretty sweet deal, well with a relatively light work load for uni, it's the best of both world,
a bit of money, stayng active without getting sucked into the routine and stress of full-time work with overtime and bad baaad dreams.....
well i am enjoying it while i can because full time is back on the horizon and i will be heading there in only a few weeks, basically as soon as the session ends....soooooooon.
i can tell that we're getting close to the end because, eventhough very slight, i can feel an increase in the homework that needs to get done. luckily nothing too alarming (still stressing a bit about it but should be fine) and it gives me time to help chris who is not so lucky with his schedule and has a couple all nighters in perspective, including one tonight most certainly..... so, i render away!!!
we also celebrated chris' b-day the other day, cf. photos in previous post...and had an awesome time. it was a pretty good party and went until the relatively rock-starish time of 2am when people decided to leave... not so bad. we were a bit stressed about it but we had the best team evah... emma, caz and I took care of the organisation, the decorations were extra cool with spiderwebs everywhere, black cats roaming around and bats all over the ceiling and we can not compliment enough the spookily unreal dracula cake made in chris' honour by Ems. and then, of course it was so good to see that everyone who came had a really cool costume from a mummy to a spider and of course the exceptional spooky mime marceau which was the coolest after chris, the sexyest groovyest disco vampire with the best chest hair of all times....did i forget to mention the cape...?
i think these were the main latest events that should deserve an entry, although i do have to make the proud announcement that I purchased a new lens for my camera today and i am sooo sooo sooo excited!!!!!!! plus chris has to pose again for my latest photo project and I can NOT wait !!! wouuuuuhouuuu!!!


Sunday, October 15, 2006

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