Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What is the difference between a stroll and a hike...?

there is none, it only depends on who you ask...
for instance, we are once again (and have been for the last 6 months at least) in the process of building some furniture, in this case a bench for the bedroom which should look really good, but as I.G. has gone home for a week and I need constant entertainment, I have made it my duty to sand the already assembled carcass of our construction. Considering we are equiped with a highly performant electric sander and I.G. assured me that it was pretty easy-going and would only take a few minutes, you can imagine my surprise when I realised that sanding was actually pretty hard work and after the better part of two hours in our "workshop", only a sharp eye could spot the difference between before and after.... still, my eye is pretty tuned and i am hoping for some recognition when I.G gets back from his little holiday! I am blaming the difficulty of the task on two things, my possible lack of experience/biceps (I haven't been quite as determined with my swimming lately) and more importantly the sandpaper itself which isn't quite coarse enough for the task. Still, I must have looked pretty damn cool as a sunday D-I-Y supa-chick so all is not bad!
other than that, I would like to introduce you to the new look of my blog, it is a new year after all and one resolution is to be a better blogger this year than in the last few months so it is only appropriate that this blog gets a breath of fresh air here and there, plus i think it looks quite distinguished like that... whadayathink?
finally, I would describe my current mood as bittersweet as after two wonderful weeks on the ranch, I am feeling a bit sad but normal life should kick in anytime now and I can only be happy that we all had such a good time and will be looking forward to the next. In the mean time, Sydney is always as beautiful and good to me so I can't complain, can I?