Wednesday, June 21, 2006

well it's all action in Fortworth, TX too....

I woke up this morning feeling hungover, possibly a combination of jetlag and last night's wino...
Around 11am the day began by picking up marco from his SAT (a standard test everyone takes in high school) and dropping him off at home again, he will be able to drive on his own soon which should put a stop or at least slow down mothe's taxi carreer. anyway, the next thing we did was hit the mall and the buying urge started to grow on me relatively quickly. the mall is alright; probably quite small in US standards but seeing different stores than the ones in Sydney was a slight relief. we didn't buy anything as I was only on a discovery tour and you wouldn't want to take all the fun out on the first day.
the problem i guess here is that to a store accross the street/highway we had to take the car and drive for five minutes... By that stage i was getting hungry so we got a sort of burrito and a place that works like subway, meaning you chose the ingredients that way. there was a whole array of sizes you could chose for you wrap, going from 1/2 freebird (name of the place) to monster freebird. we got the normal freebird and shared it. it wasn't bad at all but i don't think i want to see what the monster version looks like since the guy looked at me funny when i said that my miserably small one was HUGE....
we walked/drove around for a bit longer and decided to go home. some houses on the way were quite astonishing and absolutely gigantic... those families must AT LEAST have 2 kids (with only one of them in college) to "need" such a big house...
once at home, I managed to convince Marc to have a dip with me and we had heaps of fun; plus once i got into the shower, I was already a couple shades darker, yeeeee haaaa!!!
Marc was playing basketball at school tonight so we went and watched that. it was pretty exciting, as far as a bunch of distorted and sweaty teenagers go but Marc played well, scored a few baskets and they won a very close game so that was really cool.
well we're back home now and i'll go make myself something to eat,
more news soon, hope everyone is going well wherever you're reqding this from,
lot's of love, FB

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

don't mess with texas!!!

yeaaah ha there; well here i am writing from texas (on french keyboards though....) after a pretty long and somewhat painful trip... indeed flying with United Airlines proved to be pretty rough; a bit messy and just not the nicest. The long flight, a bit over 13 hours, felt VERY long, and i mean really loooong. i didn't manage to sleep much at all and watched too ,any bad movies... for which i cried a few times (usually for the most ovioulsy emotional bits) because i was thinking about christo... i mqde the departure overly dramatic;;; crying way too mqny times considering it's only a few weeks but i think it really annoys me now that he couldn't come, not hiom of course but just the situation of him not being here... oh well, i am here now and that's really nice: how funny to land into this whole new world and call it "home"...
the house is splendid, just really nice and well, BIG but homy. once i feel less tired, mothe will take me through the story of every new item in it....
the weather is quite warm and it didn't tqke long to transfer into a light summer dress....
tonight, we had dinner out and christo; you*ll be glad to know thta i was very "sensible" and had a very nice salad... hopefully it will last a bit...
anyway, looking at the screen is threatening to put me to sleep qny second but i shall be back soon; time to catch up on some sleep for now,
ciao ciao, more news soon,

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

caz, secret weapon..............


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

reply to comments on previous entry

I started by wrting this as a new comment but realised that i might as well make it into a blog entry.... so
caz, i thought that you would feel a bit nostalgic seeing my hot looks in winter. i tried to remain as desirable as i could for as long as possible but it's just too cold now.. so out came the big green socks.. on the other hand, you should see chris' winter attire... it involves some massive himalayan socks which can only fit in his hiking boots....glad to see you will have a look at those tickets, and you have mishaped my comments about your dad and dallas slightly missy but it was probably for comment's sake...will speak to you soon, skype is cool and i hope the roast was good.
yo, ph, cool de voir que tu lis toujours mon modeste blog, le tien me manque il faut l'admettre. je serai bientot en vacances, donc on pourra mieux se causer. j'espere que tout se passe bien a paris et qu'un beau nuage de pollution se forme joyeusement pour l'arrivee de l'ete... hihihi, l'autre jour il faisait pourri ici et ca nous a fait penser a l'ete en hollande.... aaaaaaah, deux poids, deux mesures comme on dit chez nous......muahahha
mothe, i hope you had a mega cool time with john and mathias, you'll have to tell me about their waltzing skills...yeah, i'm back at work because the house i had been working on for so long had a big change and it needs about one or two days of work to get finished so it hurts me too much to leave it off when it;s so close to being finished....oh well, i estimate i'll be on vacation on wednesday. i certainly hope so because there are a few things i need to get done before i get on the plane. i bet it's getting warm in your parts, i can;t wait although poor chris will be sooo so cold... the poor.
the long week end was really good, we had a really nice time since chris didn;t do ANY work (he was meant to but manouf) so we rented some movies, had some nice snacks, went for walks and spoke on skype!! that was cool, i had a nice long chat with cazita, and then chris spoke to Jacinta in barcelona for quite some time. She is on her way to Nice next, possibly to find a cook job on a yacht... or something like that.
so mothe you should get on skype too for when i come back here and papa, si tu lis ce message, il faudra que tu me donne ton contact skype par email. ph, t'as skype toi? surement donc donne moi ton contact aussi!!!
well now, that;s a pretty long entry.
well, i might go get myself a coffee and until the next one, take care of yourselves and each other,

Monday, June 12, 2006


a photo is worth a million words so i won;t go into too much detail on that one, since you will all guess that the entry is about how we finally got the bed done. it's nice though, really nice, so well, we're two happy chaps!!!
also i was going to keep my updating for next week when i had all the time in the world for it since i wasn;t going to be working but a message on someone else's blog forced me to update sooner..... sucked in!!!!
ps: mothe, we were quite excited to inaugurate your new sheets on the new bed!!!