Tuesday, November 07, 2006

the best way to get over a fall....

.. is to jump back on the horse/bike!
well i am happy to announce that after a baking disaster trauma, i am back in the game with a delish pear and ginger cake that I made for chris tonight as the result of a combination of love and boredom spending the day at home.
still, a very fun part of the day was spent on the phone with da Fro and that wasn't boring at all, it was good and really fun,
that's all for now, more news lata!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

3 down, 6 months to go....

before my visa runs out... well the details are a bit different but the desired effect is to convey the idea that time flies whether you're having loads of fun or you're bored....it's all the same, it doesn;t stop and you can just watch...crazay stuff!!!
I find it hard to believe that I have just finished my third uni year down under!! not quite 3 real years but it won;t be long either!!
I can;t complain at all though because it's been 3 damn good years, well with ups and downs from a uni point of view but which helped me come to the conclusion that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and so you just have to switch sides from time to time!! when you get extra sick of the grass you're standing on, jump and you'll soon find that it wasn;t so bad... you see, and it works both ways too but no jumping for me yet, right now, i'm having a fine time on my little patch of grass so i ain't going nowhere!!
As the session winds down quietly, Chris and I had a fine week end in Cudmirah in the newly set up family caravan (lint) rescued from the 70's from chris' grandparents garage... it was good, the weather sucked but who cares when you're camping in style and we had a 3 day long fiest!!! chris did all the cooking as well which was supa cool for you know who... and well, i'm on a hunger strike today to give my tummy some time to digest! it was supa delish though!
the caravan park was alright although pretty gloomy because of the weather but it;s right on a pretty big surfbeach and is also close to a big lake, on which you can rent kayaks and stuff. it should be fun for a nice summer week end.
at the moment, it's a bit hard to tell if it is still winter or summer as they keep promising... the weather is sort of crap half of the time and keeps switching back and forth... oh well, summer will come and then we'll be praying for some shade away from the damn flies so there you go!
Overall, i'd say that everything is cool and life is good!!!!