Thursday, July 28, 2005

on a less depressing note...

What are the good things about this session?
- we will see how long it lasts, but my social life at uni seems to have improved quite a bit thanks to the Barcelona studio since I got to know more people that I'm happy to have a chat with.
- Everyone is in the two core courses so that makes quite a few hours with a lot of familiar faces
- Charmaine turns out to be in the consumer society course which is a really good surprise
- Chris is coming back a lot sooner than expected

Dowside : I wish Caz could be back too but I don't blame you woman and I think that your upcoming plans are slightly more exciting than Steve King talking about where to put lifts.....

week 1

Well, I've had all my classes at least once now so it gives me an idea of the workload to come, and well, it will be a lot but let's not be lazy and i'll get it done, as always, let's just hope.
I'll have two core (boring) courses : professional practice and building services. That will be horrible but there is no way out of it so i'll just have to ask for help around me.... and work hard on it I guess.
Then, I hae two electives : Architecture and the consumer society which should be quite interesting. It will be on malls, casinos and museums.... and Photography, society and the built environment. I've been wanting to do that one for a while now, since they always exhibit in the foyer space and it often looks quite interesting. The only problem is that I want to do it well and I'm worried about how much time I will actually be able to devote to it. On the other hand, it will give me a break from boring subjects, make me use the camera (otherwise, I might not take the time to do it on my own as much) and the design studio is intensive wich means that most of the session should be pretty managable, I'll just have to put in more hours for about 4 or 5 weeks out of 13 or 14 so.....
The other good thing is that I believe I could easily combine the two electives (consumer society and photo) and hit two birds with one stone by using the research from one for the other etc... and, first of all, save myself some time + actually get to use what I will be learning, turn the theory into practice....
And so yeah, the intensive design studio which will only start in week 6 and end after the mid session break at the end of september. The tutors from Spain will be coming and hopefully, they'll come with some students.
So yeah, that's my session to come. It might be quite a bit of work, but as I said before, I never want another session like the one that just finished which was so painfully empty. I noticed that I do nothing if i have nothing to do and that things get done only when there is too much to do....
Oh and if I plan to have a life outside of Uni, well, I'm not fooling myself yet... we will see
I also almost forgot that I have to find a job too....................................................

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

my new ultra cool photo album

well since i couldn't sleep whatsoever tonight, I did something kinda productive I suppose.
Since the process of writting about those last 6 weeks seemed like such a big thing to do, I've created a new photo album thing online and i find it pretty cool. I've posted some of the pix we took while I was away on all those adventures and I have added some comments on nearly each one so it gives a fair idea of what we've been up to....
Check it out on or from the link on the side toolbar on this blog....
Hope everyone likes it and send comments if you feel the urge to write
love you all

Monday, July 25, 2005

she's baaack

yeah I'm back to my normal daily life in Sydney city, north of Coogay babay.
The trip from Amsterdam went fine, a bit long but I knew that. On the first plane, I had an in between two people seat but I managed to make myself kinda comfy and sleep for a few hours.
I then had 6 hours in Kuala Lumpur, that wasn't very exciting, I mostly read which I hadn't done for quite a while. The second part went fine, I didn't sleep and had a movies marathon instead, managed to watch about 3 1/2 movies which is a pretty good effort and they weren't all bad either eventhough I can't really remember any of them.
Caz picked me up at the airport and we mostly hung out here, went to coogee for a bit. It was nice to see my good old coogee again; my cazita too in fact.
When she left, I fell into a deep coma until Nikki came around 7 so we had a nice chat and I went back to bed pretty much as soon as she left, around 9 ish. I pretty much slept all day, well until 3 o'clock when i got a phone call from caz. I didn't get up in time to answer though but it pulled me back into the real world.
I didn't do much, i unpacked, checked my emails, chatted on msn for a bit and then, that's a bit exciting, i had dinner with my friend PH who just arrived to sydney for a year. That was nice, i took him to the pizza place in the spot and had our tandorri chicken one, yuuum and it made me think of chris. We went for a beer at the royal and I introduced him to the joys of Carlton Draught and he liked it, eventhough he doesn't usually like beer... good start no?
That's about it, it's 11 now and I better get ready to go to bed soon because I start uni at 10 tomorrow, with building services.... let me tell you i'm pretty excited about that one... or not.
So yeah, taht's what happened since I got back, exciting stuff I know...
Ok time for bed to start uni tomorrow, wouhouuuuuu!!!
ps : for those who wonder if i'll have entries on the last 6 weeks in here, well I might, I will eventually but it just seems like a lot of writting right now so i'll do it, but a bit later.... and I'll put some photos up as well