Friday, March 31, 2006


Birthday to youuuuuuuu!!!
In a few different ways, today or tonight is a bit special and it’s like everything came together to make it that way.
Special because I am able to take the time to write an entry…(it could be a long one my friends) as Chris is out at a rugby game with his uncle tonight (a kind of bonding session I suppose) which means I can use the computer and it is Friday night which means I don’t have to do any homework either ( and yes, I have been bringing work home with me….).
What’s special is not so much the entry itself though but more the fact that it is TODAY and why is today different…?
Well, precisely!! Because, we are celebrating this blog’s first birthday!!!!!! Wouhou partay on!!! So we are celebrating the existence of this blog but does anyone remember how or why this blog came about?? Well yes again, a year ago today, Chris left and was on his way to Nepal which was the subject of the very first entry…
So as things don’t always follow the plan (ask Caz), this blog was intended to be a record of Chris’ travels and I guess it started that way but quickly turned into a big jumble of stuff, from daily life material to whatever crossed my mind… I don’t think I will forcefully subject anyone to a long and tedious flashback session but I will definitely skim through the “pages” myself and have a good laugh or a private smile about what appears on the screen…. How time flies, it’s funny and how small events, because they were recorded at the time keep their freshness intact…. And so Caz, you might remember the “Macarena” entry quite well, and or the photos of one fateful night at the CBH when we met the Frog man…., possibly even our daytrip to East lakes…. I realise by going through it that most of the blog ended up being dedicated to you and our common silliness (caz), that;s alright, I don’t think I’ll stop laughing about it for a while still….
Anyway, Revisiting all these great memories makes me regret not having posted more often lately and well, this blog is also the proof that nothing is ever too boring to find it’s place in there…. So after a whole year of random bable, I decide that it must go on for at least another one and another one and…… because, it’s actually pretty cool!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

surprise surpise!!!!!!!!!!!

this is what 3 months in front of a computer will do to you......................

not to worry though, they are only for comfort and my sight is fine.....


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

here we go here we go

hey, long time no see... or write... anyway, we still don;t have internet at home (should be working soon) so here i am, at work, about to send you the first photos from the new love nest. the main problem, which caused the delay, was that it is quite a difficult exercise to take photos inside that will look half decent, not too dark and dingy and give something close to the right impression of the thing.
Anyway, it still probably doesn't and i'm afraid all of you out there will have to come (back) downunder to appreciate it. as it is now, we're pretty happy and the furnituring?arranging of the place on a tight budget is making significant progress, well mainly on week ends but still. things have changed slightly since the photos but not much, and more photos will come shortly... (i promise.. to try)

other than that, things are going fine, as I said, the place is going great and we are having a good time trying to make it even better. we had a few feasts on the bbq already which was very exciting, we have a matress which actually hurts my back more than when we were sleeping on the floor... and my only wish would be to spend more time in there, making it feel like home...

Chris has just started Uni again, and the poor thing is going to be a busy man for the next few months. he's going to learn french which is cool and we'll see how that goes. the studio is actually the most elaborately furnished room in the house so he should be very comfy in there.

Work is going well, and I am still learning a lot everyday, plus I'm getting used to this new lifestyle and i don;t really mind it at all. still, it would be cool hanging out at Uni and sleeping in from time to time but that will come back, very quickly too since time is flying these days and have realised that I am already halfway through work experience, which is hard to believe. The other cool thing about work experience is that this uni session is costing us $39... hihihi!!

I' afraid that's about it for now.... will be back soon for more, take care, love you, Laure