Thursday, April 26, 2007

it's not often that every photo looks kinda good

so i'm going to add a couple more to the already well illustrated wedding series, this time, with a twist. As we have already established that my dress was a flamboyant red, i figured we could take the emphasis away and try to go for another look, weddings do work in B+W

this is Peter, Chris' architect uncle who was in Sydney last year to build the new law building on campus

Saturday, April 21, 2007

i'll drink to that!!

This is the letter I received in the mail yesterday, I was expecting a copy of the boring international student newsletter inviting me to go to the blue mountains with a bunch of germans or something like that... so it was a shock, and I did not see it coming....
anyway, it's cool, the only sad thing i guess is that I made it on the golden list for a session which had no architecture involved whatsoever.... photography, painting and ceramics... do you think it's trying to tell me something..?

Monday, April 16, 2007

a few wedding photos because we looked...HOT

isn't that dress the coolest thing ever...??!!! it was such a heartbreak taking it off when we got back to the hotel, a dress like that makes someone like me feel like that

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

give me some red, give me some gloss

here is a pre-design sketch of our next big project... now that we have finished the bedroom bench ensemble, we feel that the lounge room needs a serious revamping!!
give us some feedback, if we knew what we were doing, we would be industrial designers...

Monday, April 09, 2007

i forgot to mention that the reason for the fancying up is that we are going to a wedding in melbourne this week end, one of chris' cousins... so yeah, does it make more sense now... sorry

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

is it slightly weird that....

Angie wants to adopt AGAIN one week after taking peaceful sky home...?

Monday, April 02, 2007

to put one's life on hold....

I guess that according to Shakespeare, life is what happens while you are busy doing something else.... well, the point isn't really about who said this or that but that life must be seriously under way right now because i have been freakay busy!!
it's a bit of a shame that all this business has mainly been spent in pajamas with copious amounts of instant coffee by my side....
On the up side, I have to admit i have turned right back into an architecture loving nerd and have re-found the old feeling of knowing why I want to study this... I had lost sight of that and eventhough it is more work than what i have produced in 3 years, i am also really enjoying it and feeling architecturally revived.
The studio is so far going really well, this first semester is about preparing for the second fnal semester so it's all about defining a program for a future building and studying the site etc... in order to come up with a design for it next session. in my case, the brief and site are quite loose except that it will be in sydney and will be a public building, some kind of institution like an art gallery or whatever.... for the last few weeks, I've been intensely studying an art gallery by portuguese architect Alvaro Siza and it's that building that is completely responsible for the previously mentioned love of architecture since it is really beautiful and fantastic to study.
anyway, enough of the nerdy stuff.... unfortunately, that;s almost all that;s been happening lately and it is proving difficult to find time for other things except a few social events and a lot of yoga! it might sound kinda weird but my downward dog pose is looking good and i'll be turning into bendy wendy in no time, i have even made the purchase of a proper yoga mat, the neighbours might have caught unaware performing a salute to the sun once or twice this week and yes, i have sort of ditched the pool for now... i guess i function in phases,,, what next?
I have been slack with the camera but I miss it and better get back into it illico presto since Chris and I will be the "official" photographers for Melissa's wedding so there you go!
Chris is doing fine by the way, he is in a different studio and it's interesting to compare the approaches although at the moment I am only concerned by the fact that he has a tendency to womanise female tutors with his extreme intelligence and good looks... i guess it was to be expected.
Anyway, You're happy now Maurice??