Thursday, March 31, 2005

Big Fish

There is a couple things that made me watch this Tim Burton movie 3 times in 2 days. First of all, it's a winner, secondly because I love the Tim Burtonesque atmosphere (one of all times faves : Edward Scissorhands) and finally, because you just left and I needed something to keep my mind off you.
Big Fish is about how you live and see your life, how you remember events and relate to them, how you can turn an ordinary life in an ordinary american suburb into an extra-ordinary tale where the unreal meets the everyday reality of things.
It's about a man who, all through his life, has told stories. That's what he does. He exagerates the facts, twists them with magical, mystical, unreal touches, turning a tall man into a giant and a circus manager into a stick-fetching warewolf.
It's about his son who has heard those stories too many times and his needs for answers, a sense of identity, that he will only achieve, he thinks, if he can finally understand his father. This request becomes more urgent as his father is dying of cancer and his wife is about to put his own child into the world.
So it's also about what parents pass over to their children, the image of the father, growing up and accepting differences, seeing things beyond the facts and tasting the flavour of life. Living life a bit larger than life itself.
I'm easily convinced because I believe in signs, or at least, i decide that some things are signs. I told you it would rain on tuesday. Well, it did, and wednesday too. It was probably just the direction of the wind and the atmospheric pressure in the air but, to me, it meant that I was sad. It often rains when I am sad. It could be the other way around, the rain making me sad, but still, it rained on tuesday and wednesday...
Anyway, I hope we can watch this movie when you come back,
I love you, your princess

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