Wednesday, March 30, 2005

very first impressions

From : hot dot
Sent : Wednesday, March 30, 2005 1:58 PM
To : french beach
Subject : RE: big fish

Hello my beutiful, beutiful sweet potato. Thank you for the wonderful emails, they were so nice. Its great to hear that you love me that much because I love you sooo much too!
We arrived in Kathmandu around midday today and have just spent a few hours explorring after finding our accomodation ($1.50/night) which is pretty good. The place is amazing!! its not quite as i expected but is certainly increadible. Its as if its caught in some kind of time warp where the old meets the new. The people are really friendly and there are not nearly as many beggars as i had expected. The streets are narrow and filled with beeping motorcyclists and cars that dont seem to have any road rules. The taxi ride to the accomodation was certainly an experience!! You would love this place. I could just imagine all the cool clothes that you would want to buy. Its so colourful and cheap!!
Tomorrow we are going to hire bikes and head into the old part of the city to check that out. I think that we will start our Everest hike on monday or tuesday. I can't wait to start hiking and spend some time in the mountains, they looked amazing from the pland

I don't have much time, so better go. I love you so much and miss you heaps and will try to write again soon. I will certainly try to keep you informed while i am in the city. I love you, I love you, I love you. Say hi to carol and nixta for me.
p.s that is absolutly terrible news about simon, i can't beleive that that would happen. i guess that everyone would be shaken up a bit at uni. Even though we didnt think the best of him its still so tragic.

gotta go, love you!!

From: FB
To: HD
Subject: big fish
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 6:55 AM

hey baby, I just finished watching the movie i rented before going to albury, big fish, by tim burton and it was great, really really great. I always like his movies anyway and i wish you could have watched too with me. I think you would have liked it to.
I've put my new friends in pink pots on the window seal. I hope they are happy, the weather isn't very nice today so they aren't getting that much sun. I think it's going to be tougher for them than what it would have been in albury but i will try to take good care of them. I'll do my best for them not to die too quick because i want you to see how much they have grown when you come back.
I'm not sure what i want to do now, my first choice would have been to play cow or fart (with the mouth) on your stomach so since i can't do that right now, i might have to go take a shower and then unpack, and go food shopping. I'm gonna give a phone call to the people who brought the camera over and see when i can go pick it up. I can't wait to develop the pix i took this week end though, i also took some of the fish pond while you were at the doctors. We'll see if they turn out.
it feels strange that you won't be coming home tonight. I'm gonna ask caz if she wants to stay here after steack tonight. She didn't hold me in her arms or kiss me goodbye before going to work but it gives me someone to bore to sleep.
I keep checking if you wrote to me but i suppose you haven't had a chance to yet. I suppose that it might be easier to write snail mail than emails so don't hesitate to drop by a post office and send me a few lines on a kathmandu postcard.
God, I love you so much, I hope i hear from you soon and in any case, at least until i kinda get used to the situation, I'll keep writing you about unimportant stuff that i want to share with you my sweet angel,
I miss you a lot, and am imagining holding you in my arms at this very moment, i hope you can feel it,
all my love, your baby girl

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