Saturday, April 30, 2005

ladies' porn, rhrhrhrhrhrhrhrot!!!
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suggestions for having a good day

if you want to spend a fun, exciting and challenging day... take photos of models!! it's great, and so stimulating!!
first, make room on a table, any table (that, in my case, kept me busy for a while)
then, make sure you have a desk lamp to illuminate the model, you can even burn your finger on it if you're not careful, you know, spice it up a bit
finally, break your wrist with a 50 kgs camera and give yourself a headache by trying to focus on a 5 cm high piece of cardboard,
do that 24 times and run to the lab,
it's ready, enjoy....

If you are really adventurous, you can even set the model outside, in the sunlight, but you have to be willing to look like a retard in the street, and watch out for cars passing by because if you're trying to make the model look somewhat real (ignore the fact that the little people are completely white and stuck to the ground), it might seem a bit strange to have a giant car in the background....

Friday, April 29, 2005

long enough to "catch up"

today had to be the laziest day in the history of the world for me, i did NOTHING, and when i say nothing, i mean NOT A SINGLE THING!!! i probably should have done a bit of work but i will tomorrow and it's not too bad anyway, so i'll get it done fine. I watched movies and that's it. It was great!! no not really, but it wasn't bad and i wasn't depressed or anything, i was just feeling in that kind of mood.

Carol came over after work (she was on a site in maroubra) and had to go back into the city. It was kinda perfect timing because i also had to go to the city for one of my many social commitments. I just caught up with Sujata, from uni, she is the nepali girl i did the practicum act and the interview with. Anyway, i met her after her work, we had a couple drinks and dinner. It was really fun, and she is a very sweet person. she was quite excited about "us" and you being in Nepal. She grew up in kathmandu until she was 12. anyway, it was very nice and she is passionate about bollywood movies (the indian ones when they do all that annoying singing) so she's going to initiate me to that, and take me to a movie sometime.

it's funny to think that I have been in Sydney long enough to actually feel the need to "catch up" with people i haven't seen for a long time. I like the idea because it kinda means that i'm a bit at home here, with a real life of my own and friends that i have known for a while now. i like it, it's cool!!

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my life is just way too exciting!!

i have finished printing my photos for the cofa assignment yesterday but i stil lhave to work on the other one, which is pissing me off because i really don't give a damn but that's the way it is. i don't feel like doing anything at all, i just want to sit on the couch and watch movies i think, except the ones that i have here, i have watched way too many times allready. they're carol's movies, so we watched one with the rock in it yesterday and it's actually quite entertaining and the acting, suprinsigly enough, isn't bad at all + he's rrrrhhhhhhhhhot!!!

i wish i had a lot of super exciting things to say but i don't really. Maybe the most exciting is that my babies the cactus are doing fine and they're even having babies of their own. Pinky, the cute one, has a little baby growing next to her. I think that chris, is having weeds growing around it and i don't really know what to do about it... it seems to be doing ok though so i'll just keep an eye on him. The cactus of love, the jaw one is fine as well. so yeah, that's how exciting my life is at the moment, just to give you an idea.

Oh and i almost forgot, we also went food-shopping last night, which means that i enoyed a nice cheesy brekky this morning, that was niiiiiiiiice. I made our fave chicken salad (with the chicken cooked in coconut milk and herbs) for caz and she really liked it. She also thought that we became cooking freaks. I do miss our wonderful stir fries and curries.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

oh the precious grennies....

this is the questions that Paul has to answer to get a scholarship from his uni in Seattle, is it just an impression that they are not that excited to share the green dollars????!!!!!!!

1) Roger Gillis, SJ (Core/Advising): Think back to the person you were on the night of your high school graduation; now think of the person you are today. How is the latter different from the former; in what ways have you changed/grown?

2) Fiona Robertson (Albers): During the course of your time at SU (either in or out of class, on campus or off) can you point to an event, an occurrence, an "aha moment" that radically altered the way in which you look at or understand the world. What was the epiphany and how/why did it affect you so?

3) Floyd Wright (2d Year Naef Scholar): Since the Naef Scholarship aims to build a community, tell us, if you will, what you can bring to that community and what you would hope to take away from it?

4) Toni Vezeau (Nursing): Imagine yourself stranded on a desert island. You get to choose one person living or dead, real or fictional, not a relative with whom to spend your time. Whom would you choose and why? What would be the nature of the conversation you share?

5) Laurie Prince (Student Development): The Scholars frequently participate in activities of a cultural nature, e.g. a play, movie, art show, museum exhibit. Tell us of a cultural experience of this type that you have had that opened your eyes to the arts or to the ideas/lessons conveyed by that art. What was it about this event that was so powerful?

6) Dave Madsen (Naef Moderator): Since I am going on sabbatical next year, I will have plenty of time for reading. Put two books on my reading list that because of their content, style, impact have made them seminal works for you. Why have they been so important for you?

7) Finally: When you decided to study abroad, what were you looking for? Has your quest been satisfied? What powerful experience have you had that was utterly unintended or unexpected? How will you be a changed individual upon your return to Seattle U?

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

just for the money?

the class "introduction to architectural photography" that i go to on tuesdays should be renamed "welcome back to first year"!!!!!!!!! oh it made me so angry and frustrated today to be in there when all that was said was a bunch of b-s that you would only find philosophical and deep in the first week of first year.
if there is one thing that upsets me here, down under, is the fact that as long as it looks good and you make the tutor happy and feel good about himself, then all the b-s is more than acceptable, it's welcomed with open arms. "yes give me crap that doesn't mean anything but please, do it on fancy paper and with purty pens".
At least, in France no one felt bad about telling you that you had nothing to do here and that you should go into accounting instead, but here, oh yeah, the international students pay s... loads of money every session so you don't want to offend them do you?
it's a bit upsetting though because you would think that, if you pay a lot for it, then you should get something worth it in return, but unfortunately, the uni depends on that money and seems to lower its level to get as much of it as possible, meaning taking anyone that can afford it basically.
i just wish things weren't all so pre-formatted and that originality was encouraged a bit more. I just wish things didn't have to look so pretty all the time, and actually mean something...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

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free time in sydney (private...again, sorry)

hey baby, you seem to be having a great time, relaxing a bit. it would be great walking through all those streets that probably look nothing like what you have known before. it's great, it sounds like you are really having a good time and making the most of it.
I bet Emma will love her present, and although she would probably prefer it if you gave it to her yourself, i'm sure she'll be very happy when she gets it.
I'm not sure when you're planning to send it over, but i would probably wait until you're in Europe for that, because i would trust the post office a bit more in europe than peru. I might be wrong but you never know and it would be really upsetting if it got lost.
today was allright, although not too exciting, i haven't really done much but that's allright. Carol left this morning to go home, so i'm on my own again. she's pretty much moved in and it's good fun.
tomorrow is anzac day so the dark rooms at cofa will probably be closed. i'll give them a ring anyway since i have to start printing some photos for wednesday. i also have to take pictures of models for my other class which turns out to be boring as hell, but that's allright, as long as i pass i don't really care, well that's what i like to say anyway. i don't really have any appropriate models to take pictures of so i borrowed one from nikky and i'm building another one. I'm just having fun though, it will be very conceptual i think, and it's mainly to have something to photograph. i did the site in papier mache today, and it was fun sticking my hand in glue. I suppose it's also a way of experimenting with materials in a way. I'm trying to make it sound more fun than what it really is though, you probably guessed that.
anyway, that was my day. I went to bed really early yesterday and am feeling better from the overhang. God it was a bad one, but i am recovered. Still a bit tired but i don't have to stay up late tonight.
Hey, writting all those emails must be good because i just noticed that i don't look at the keyboard anymore, just the screen. Pretty good hey?
Allright, you must be a bit tired of my extra long emails, especially since i never really have anything exciting to report. Oh well, it helps you remember what life here is like, and apart from me, you probably don't miss it too much. What you are doing would be so much more interesting. Hey, i have something to ask you, can i keep writting extra-long extra-boring emails??? because i like it....
Ok, i'll write again soon my sweet sweet baby, have fun and enjoy the sites and the food (apparently you are) and get me lots and lots of prezzies (just kidding), i love you very much and miss you even more,
your princess forever and ever

free time in kathmandu (proivate)

hello my beutiful, beutiful princess.
Thanks for the wonderful email. i also miss you just as much and can;t wait to see you in Nice where we can catch up on all the time that we missed together.
Yesterday and today have been quite relaxing. We have just been wondering around trying out lots of different resturants and looking in shops for nice things to buy. Yesterday we went to a jewerly store to arrange for some jewerly to be made for emmas 21st in November. We are getting a ring and matching pendent made from silver and terquois. I am also getting a ring made from silver which is just a silver band with two groves running around the edge on either side. its very simple but still nice. I was going to get some matching cuff links made but since we are leaving Kathmandu on tuesday he wouldn't have had enough time to get it done. I might try and get it done in Pokerh or india whene we get there.
I miss you so much. reading your last email made me think of all the things that i love to do with you. i miss holding you and being around you, making love to you and all the other things that you spoke about. I look forward so much to when i can see you again in Nice.
I better go. hope that the overhang is getting better. I love you so much. Chris.

don't take it wrong

hey, this is for the few people who actually read this blog and find it rude and weird when i put some private stuff on it.
Well, when i started this blog, I just wanted a way of recording, and filing everything that happened between my baby boy and me while he was away, so that we would have this to remember this year.
I know it's a bit strange to put something on the internet, the less private of places, and then write "private" all over it... but i don't know how else to do it, and since i don't want to lose anything, + i don't want to not write what i want to write, well i do it anyway.
and anyway, whenever it says private, it means that there is serious potential for a massive number of "i-love-yous" and "i-miss-yous" all over the place, which would probably get a bit repetitive for anyone who isn't Chris or myself basically.
So yeah, don't take it wrong, and i'm puting so much other boring stuff on there anyway, that no one's actually missing out on anything....

private private private private private private

hey lovely angel, did i ever tell you how much i love you and wish you were here making love to me. i often fall asleep imagining you holding me like you used to and i miss that. I also miss not waking up next to you and your lovely kisses before going to work. I miss even more waking up next to you on week ends when we can kiss and kiss and not got to work. i miss playing cow and can't wait to play again in nice, and i miss your pretty soft eyes. i miss you on my couch and in the shower, i miss our stir fries, and our steacks in coogee. I also miss going to the rock pools with you or just food-shopping. I miss you at 6 o'clock when you don't come home from work and i miss your phone calls. I miss planning things to do or planning not to do anything, i miss the pizza and white wine and ray charles just isn't the same without you.
I miss us and i love you, your princess

Saturday, April 23, 2005

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that's an x-ray of my brain last night, tipsy turvy....oooooohohohoo macarena Posted by Hello

big night (private)

hey that's a nice account of what you did for three weeks, and i can't wait to see the pictures that go with it. I bet they will be amazing.
you seem to be enjoying a bit of well-deserved comfort again, and hope you are taking it easy with your cold. It made me so sad to read about your altitude sickness and i'm glad you got over it eventually.
The rest of you travel plans sound great and it will be good visiting another city, especially since everyone knows of kathmandu but pretty much nothing else, and when i say everyone, i really mean myself.
The party last night was pretty good, at first we didn't really want to stay that long but then we started drinking sangria and didn't leave until the wee hours. I'm feeling pretty sick today and it took a whole lot of focusing not to be sick when my brain was dancing the macarena in my head... Anyway, i'm feeling a bit better after a good brekky and some water. I can't really do any work though because i mostly have to take photos but i think that the whole focusing thing might be a bit painful right now.
I'm probably gonna stay at home tonight and we'll see if i hear from you, if not, don't worry baby, i know it's not as easy for you as it is for me to get online. And my mum should also get on i suppose. Laurent has left for dallas a few days ago so i think she is a bit sad but she'll be allright and i'll be over there soon.
OK, i'll write again later my sweet angel, i miss you a lot but it makes me happy to have news from you,
i love you i love you i love you, your princess FB

Dear all, (from my babyboy)

Well Jacinta and I have just returned to Kathmandu from a three weeks trek in the Hymalas and are quite glad to be back to the husltle and bustle of the city as well as the good (cheaper) food, hot showers and the luxury of walking around with out packs!
The trek was fantastic....hard work..lots of hard work..but great.We ended up changing our plans a bit when we got to the first aclimitization point at Namche Bazar as we heard that the trek up the Gokyo side of the mountains was spectacular. So rather than heading straight up to base camp we decided to do our aclimitizing up the Gokyo side and then walk back around and up to Goark Shep and base camp.
I was pretty badly affected by the altitude very early in the trek - ( was feeling pretty bad frm the 2nd day till about the 10th day) and so we took the first part of the hike very slowly. making it up to Gokyo and the fifth lake in about 12 days.. Luckily after those rest days I was fine and had no problems after that.
Gokyo was a really nice place with six lakes (all frozen at the time) dotted up the valley. From there we climbed Goyko Ri - 5351m and had spectacular views of the mountain rang and the glacier running through the valley. We both made it up Gokyo Ri for the sunset over everest - and had to make the very steep decent in the dark with our little head lamps shinning the way and the water freezing in our drink bottles!
After Gokyo we walked down and around the valley - rather than going across the Chole La Pass and after 3 days of long, hard walking made it up to Lobuche and Goark Shep. From here we decided to just do the day hike to base camp rather than climb Kala Pata for another view of Everest. The walk to base camp was absolutely amazing and probably our favourite day of the hike. Base camp sits on the glacaier, just below an ice fall leading up to Everest - just a collection of brightly coloured tents amongs lots of ice and rocks - but still a great sight to see. The walk to base camp was so good because of the deatils we could while walking across the glacaier and up to the base of the mountains.
After that day we were both pretty wrecked and ready to get back to the comforts of kathmandu so walked back down as quickly as possible, arriving in Kathmandu yesterday morning. After setteling into a lovely quiet guest house, showering and catching up on our emils we feel nearly normal again (although probably a lot thinner than when we left!).
From here we plan to spend a few days recovering before travelling to Pokhara - the second largest city in Nepal - for some more relaxing and site seeing (rather than attempting the Annapurna circuit..aparently visibility is terrible at the moment...and we dont particularly feel like doing another epic hike). From there we will probably head down to India and then on to Europe.
Hope your all well, and we will keep you updated..............
Chris and Jacinta.

he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack (private)

hello my princess, just a short note to let you know that i am still alive. The trip was great but such hard work. We walked up to about 5500m and there isn't much oxygen up there so it makes things difficult but it was still wonderful. I will wite a big group email telling you all about it soon so i won't repeat my self now. I did loose a bit of weight though. I had a shower when i got back a couple of hours ago and noticed how skinny i am.
Its great to hear how busy you are. sounds like your keeping your self entertained. Hope that the uni works going well.
It was soo good to hear about everything that you have been doing. I miss heaps also.
will write again very soon. I love you very much, your angel

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Friday, April 22, 2005

Doona hog, Mal Webb

Doona Hog

Although she has enchanting lips,
one thing about relationships
Is that there's bound to be some give and take
And while she is beyond compare,
the witching hour you should beware
For there may be a sacrifice to make

Even when she's grumpy she's a vision divine
Her kids'll probably end up turning water to wine
But when we go to bed I get a chill up my spine
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

Her views on life make Dostoyevsky seem a bit light
She smiles and Max Dupain can't get the aperture right
But waking up I found I've been exposed to the night
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

Well, she has a subliminal lust for linen
And a grip so tight you'll never get it back
Oh why is it that ordinary men a women
Get greedy every time they hit the sack

She's more intoxicating that a bucket of gin
And it would take Rodin to cast the line of her chin
But give her 20 winks and she'll be reeling it in
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

She has a shape that only MC Escher could draw
Her IQ is a number only Bradman could score
But late at night she only likes to play tug of war
'Cos she's a Doona Hog

©Mal Webb 1994

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

are you there yet? (private)

hey my sweety lovely baby, now i imagine you to be back one day or another and i'm becoming more impatient everytime i check my emails. it's been a bit over three weeks that you left australie now and a bit less since you went on your trek so i assume that you should be back some time soon.
Surprisingly enough, it feels like it went kinda fastish although it didn't at first.
All of a suddent, i actually have work to do and i'm not really doing it. I'm a bit lazy but i have t get moving today since i'de like to get a few things done before the week end at least.
I have to take lot's of pictures and write an essay for barcelona. i don't mind the photos so much but i must say that the essay absolutely sucks since we can't find anything for it so i'm going to have to pull things out of a hat i think and make it last 1000 words!! yeah, great!! i'm not sure how i'm gonna manage that yet but anyway.
i've been seeing caz + nikki a fair bit lately as you might have understood allready, i also caught up with kirree, the girl from the summer elective and it was really nice. She is a very easy person to speak to, which is nice. Sagar invited me to his birthday tomorrow night (friday) so i'll probably go there. The only reason he did invite me is because we're doing that assignment for barcelona together but it's still a nice gesture of him.
Anyway, i should try keeping this short, and i'll just look at the passport picture of you that i have on my board, you're sooo purty,
i love you and miss you very very much my sweet angel, come back soon, all my love and more, your princess

girl with a pearl earring, johannes Vermeer, sometime in the 1600s, i could check but can't be bothered, Delft, Holland Posted by Hello

girl with a pearl earring

after reading the book, and being in a desperate search for a movie to watch, I decided to rent the adaptation of "girl with a pearl earring" by Tracy Chevalier.
the book was great and although it was an invented story around the life of Vermeer and especially, the famous painting by the same name, it could have been real. The historical accuracies imerges the reader into 1600's Holland and how life would have been at that time for a maid and for a painter who is an artist with the responsability to sell himself to deep-pocketed patrons in order to bring food to the table. It was also interesting to imagine the story behind this eye-catching masterpiece, as when one starts looking at it, one can not stop asking "who is she?", "what is she thinking?", "what's can you see through those eyes?"....
The movie did a pretty good job at translating the historical atmosphere of the time, and the tension between Vermeer and his maid, Griet played by hot Scarlett Johannson. The only thing that ticks me, and then, it makes sense at the same time, is that most of her screen acting is to look identical to the painting all through out the movie, and by that I mean having the wide-eyed stunted-looked face everytime someone looks or speaks to her. It makes sense because, in the book too, it went with the character. A shy poor respectable girl in a world where she doesn't quite belong but with the tension that exists between two special souls that can understand each other on a different level.
the thing that bothers me about it is that it makes the painting less exceptional in a way because it means that she wasn't caught and painted in a very special moment that happens once over 1/1000 of a second, but everyday, all the time. It would mean that he saw her as she was rather than seeing through her, as Scarlet says about it in the movie.
Anyway, that's being a bit fussy about it, and I will keep liking the movie, not quite like the book and not for a million years like the painting itself.
Amis poetes, bonsoir....

Monday, April 18, 2005

we walked hum... from here to... there Posted by Hello

Fish, Caz + FB Posted by Hello

week end in KaTOooomba

hey baby, I haven't written you for a while, although to you it will appear as I had never stopped since you will get all my emails at once and freak out.
We had an awesome week end in Katoomba with caz and nixta. It was great, and we didn't stop laughing except when we were asleep. Nikki had to do a bit of work on the train and caz and I went wild but she joined us as soon as we got off the train.
We went for one night and stayed at the YHA hostel that's right at the bottom of the main street. It's a really beautiful place with some cool art nouveau lamp posts. We had a private room for 3 and even our own disabled bathroom with a bench in the shower.
The first day, saturday, was allright but the weather was quite grey so we decided to keep the walk for sunday. We were kinda hoping that it would rain on sunday and wouldn't be able to walk but it was beautiful so we had no choice and did the rainforest walk down, and caught that cool steep train up. You should have seen us, scared like three old women at luna park. it was funny.
So instead of the walk on saturday, we took a nap and then went to the pub. it turns out there really is only one pub in katoomba and they were playing the rugby. We had to share a table with three people because otherwise, we would have to stand. They were very nice although one kept burping and we had trouble determining the gender of another one, she was a she but it wasn't totally obvious at first. They all work for things that sell "adventures" like canyoning, abseiling etc... at some stage they ordered some wedges but weren't even touching them and they were getting cold. Luckily, they left after a while and we ate their chips. They were cold but still very very yummy.
Then we went back to the hostel, and it didn't take too long before we went to sleep.
So yeah sunday, we had brekki at the hostel and went out for a coffee and then went on our walk. It was very nice and quite beautiful. I took a few pictures with my dad's camera, in colour so i hope they turn out nicely. we will see soon. I tried taking a few portraits of caz and nikky, i hope they are good.
After the walk, we had a nice lunch and took the train back. Carol and I went a bit loco on the train and poor nikky had a bit of trouble focusing on her homework this time. Caz then slept over here and went to work early this morning. i just got up pretty much and have a bit of boring work to do, uuugh, great. Anyway, that's how it is so i better get moving.
I'm not sure when you are lickely to be back from your trek so i guess it will be a surprise, a very very good surprise since I just can't wait to hear news from you. I miss you very much my sweetheart and hope to speak to you soon,
your princess

Thursday, April 14, 2005

first assignment due at cofa

yellow everyone, I just wanted to give a little update on a good day that was yesterday.
After spending the morning in the dark rooms printing, my first assignment was due and it went pretty good. The compositions were good, and the image quality too, I just had a couple images were I over printed them a bit, meaning that they were too dark. I supppose I could reprint and see what they could have looked like but I might not bother with it since I should probably move on and start working on the next assignment, as well as my other classes.
Anyway, we also had a test on technical stuff about the camera and exposure etc... where i scored a modest 100%!!! I suppose i'm starting to know my theory although there wasn't much to that test.
Oh and by the way, the photos I submitted have a lot to do with the good camera since it captured an amazing amount of detail and, I thought that, since I don't know much about cameras and photography etc... that I wouldn't be able to see the difference with another camera but it is actually quite obvious what a good one can do!! merci papa mais je ne te le rendrai plus jamais!!
Yesterday, we also had our first lecture on Barcelona, just about the city in general and some examples of architecture. It was allright, although not very interesting. I think that being there will be a million times better. Oh well, we have an assignment due in two weeks for it, just looking at a precedent and I will be working with Justine and.... Sagar, muhahahahaha, poor thing, he doesn't know what he got himself into. Sorry baby, at least you know that I won't be living with him...
After that, Justine and I went to the Regent to meet up with Caz and Nixta for a steack and we had a good time there too. Caz slept over and we started drinking Tina's bottle, muhahahahahahha again!
For some reason, I fall asleep a lot easier these days so she didn't even have to play dead to shut me up.
Allright, I better get moving since I have quite a bit of work to do today, yeaaaaah!!
Love y'all, FB, baby girlita

i miss you (private)

yellow my baby, today, it's been 2 weeks since you left and about 10 days without news from you and every night and day, I miss you and expect to see you come home. I want to bump into you at uni, show you my prints, talk to you, kiss you, feel you close to me.
Most days have been allright and I'm doing good most of the time, it's just that at some moments, I want you here so bad and it makes me sad. It feels like a big hole, like something inside of me is missing, and although I keep busy and enjoy doing lots of things, it just doesn't quite fill it up.
I am very very thankful to Carol especially because she gives me a lot of support and I always feel better whenever I see her. i'm so lucky to have her as a friend and she's probably one of the main reasons why I manage ok without you here.
We're back to our old line habits, with her nearly moved in and having a lot of fun together, most of the time doing nothing. The class at cofa also gives me a lot to do. i'm learning to use my dad's camera and after quite a few unsuccessful goes at it, I finally manages to get quite a few good images out of it. I was in a bit of a panick yesterday since I was still missing the mouvement ones but I manages to get the shots today in the morning, run to cofa to develop the negs, run back to uni to go to my other class (boring as hell), and then run back to cofa to print some photos. I nearly have everything and should be able to finish tomorrow morning before it is due at 2. Tomorrow, after the class at cofa, I have the first lecture about Barcelona from 6 to 8, and then I'll be meeting caz and Nikky at the regent for a steack. It should be fun. caz will sleep here tomorrow night and we'll drink Tina's present, a bottle of red wine that we had bought for her 21st the other night but that we decided to keep after all. Her party was crap anyway.
That's about all I have to report for tonight, i'm so sorry baby, your email must be overflowing with all my news but I like writing to you. You prbably won't even have time to read them all before you leave again. I'm sorry, but it shows you how much i think of you my sweet angel,
I miss you so much, I'm sending all my love to you, I love you,
your princess

Monday, April 11, 2005

out of proportion

whenever I don't actually achieve something I have comitted myself to, I feel a terrible sense of guilt paired with the feeling of having failed, or being a failure. Most of the time, all I need in that case, is someone to put things back where they belong and make me see how the situation really is.
I have an assignment due on wednesday and, mostly due to technical difficulties encountered throughout the process, I am still missing part of it. Yesterday, I wasn't able to resist my own laziness and was extremely easily convinced to do nothing with Caz. The weather was absolutely beautiful, cloud-less and hot. In other words, it was a perfect weather to either have a bbq in Coogee followed by nothingness filled with giggling, or taking photos for my assignment. Well, after checking the (lying) weather forecast, I decided that today would be just as good to take photos and opted for the quality time instead.
Well, as often when I keep things for the last minute, elements beyond my control turn themselves against the lazy goanna that I am and make my task more difficult. It is a well known fact that leaving things for later is BAD, will make things more difficult and annoying, and you will probably run out of luck!!!
Today was rainy, everytime I tried (and I did twice) to go ou to take photos, it started raining again and I didn't want to wet my camera.
Now I am in the obvious situation of seriously running out of time and self-control and, what do I do in that case : yes over-dramatise the facts and make them sound absolutely horrible.
Good thing some people take care of me and keep an eye on my well-being, since apparently, i'm not the best at doing it myself.
So Caz, thank you so much for calling me up today, giving me advice, and telling me that the end of the world wasn't in sight quite yet. Thank you for making me realise that this assignment is only worth 10%, that the other ones will be a lot more important, advising me to write an email to my tutor explaining the situation rather than panicking non-stop until wednesday and making me understand that considering the situation, stress just won't help me at all and that I should just focus on doing my best in the bit of time that I still have left.
Hopefully the weather won't be too bad tomorrow and I'll be able to take the photos I want, otherwise, it will have to be plan B and no matter what I'll have something to show.
Now I better go to bed because I'm going to have to wake up early tomorrow to start a LONG day running around between centenial park, unsw and cofa.
Nighty-night to all of you who take the time to listen to me winging all day and night long,
love you, FB

Sunday, April 10, 2005

lazy goanna Posted by Hello

lazy day with caz

today was a lazy day by all means.
i'll just skip the fact that caz went to the gym this morning for some very odd reason. It wasn't her fault though, she was asked to go by a work colleague, so it was more like making sweaty contacts for the future.
These few minutes of fitness disappeared as soon as she came back here and remembered that the couch was actually a lot more comfortable than doing knee bends for two hours.
After gathering up all our strength , we went down (on the bus) to Coogee and had a yummy barby there, made up of corn, onions, tomatoes and kangooroo kebabs.
We were also allowed to witness how a good intention can turn into something nastay. A bunch of Asian students freshly disembarked from the plane thought they would try to blend in with the locals. So they wacked about 5 cows and 10 pigs in shape of gross sausages on that poor bbq and waited. The poor sausages apparently weren't cooking fast enough because, next thing you know, the bbq was turned into a giant flat wok and the sausages were sliced, chopped and smashed into a pork stew/stir fry.
After reflection, it seems clear that someone didn't want to be on bbq duty ever again and made sure that no one would ask him to do it in the simple...
Anyway, after our very neat and refined barby, we went back home and giggled in bed for ages before we realised that it was snacky time. In no time, we had slipped our thongs on and were on a mission for cake. well, i don't care because, first of all, it was yummy, secondly, it really was snacky time, and finally, the magic eight ball said that i would still be thin, fit and beautiful for amsterdam.... and the magic eight ball never lies, otherwise, I would know about it.
After that, we sat around for a bit longer and Caz had to leave.... oh no!!! but she'll be back, one day, soon enough and we can start all over again. i better get plenty of rest before that day comes though because i don't know if we could manage that too soon! nigthy night!!

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the big merino in Gouldburn, wow!! Posted by Hello

week end

hey baby, I hope you are fine, you must allready be getting skinnier and you probably have started doing hard core walks by now. I'm sure you're loving it though.
My week end was good, I went to canberra with nikky on friday and we came back yesterday (saturday). The people there are surprinsigly strange and i hate that city but we had a lot of fun and had a really good time nevertheless. We didn't do anthing extraordinary but we did see a giant merino in which we were even able to climb and saw through his eyes. We went to the art gallery as well. I found a great postcard there, you'll love it. The word "dot" is written all over the card in different fonts and colours. It's almost like having a photo of my hot dot.
Last night was Tina's 21st. We went there, it was ok, nothing that great. It was a hat party So in order to represent you, I brought (but didn't actually wear) your cole classic swimming cap. quite a few people from uni were there but i didn't actually speak to anyone, I couldn't be bothered. I'm so rude.Obviously, I spoke to carol and Nikky, andy was there, and friends of nikky that i had met before.
I didn't have that much to drink but i'm feeling a bit overhung. I have to take some photos today since I still don't have those. Ugh, I'm so sick of taking the same photos over and over again. At least, I know that this time, everything should be fine with the film.
Oh, and I also saw rod the other night. it was fun, he gave me some interesting feedback for my stuff, and was a pleasant person to hang out with.
So yeah, i think that's about the news that I wanted to give you. It's almost been two weeks now and it's going verry slowly but i'm also quite busy so it's strange. I miss you so much, last night carol slept over and at some stage, I thought she was you and i was going to roll over to hold you against me. i realised that it wasn't you just in time not to frighten her though.
I miss not having any news from you but i tell myself that you are fine and i'll get news at some stage, I just have to be patient,
everytime i think of you, I tell myself how lucky I am to be in love with you my baby, I'll write again soon, lots and lots of love and kisses, your princess
ps : it's a sign, ugly ducklings is playing on triple J right now... mr tough guy...

Thursday, April 07, 2005

much better day

I'm glad that I am back on top of the rollercoaster of life. Yesterday was just a complete disaster in every direction. But today went fine, the water has stopped dripping, the blue on nikky's stomach has never been so bright and I'm going to meet up with the tutor I had in the summer to enjoy free boooooze (french accent), food, a bit of art and put a foot in the door of the cruel world of show business. Well, maybe that's pushing it a bit but everything about the booze has to be true and that's all we need to know, right?
oh and i also made myself considerably poorer since i have paid for my plane ticket but it is for a good cause. oh no... not because I can't wait to hold my baby close to me, come on.. be reasonable, it's because I finally get to spend time with Oscar and Bolin (I don't know how it's spelt) and doing some design of course!!!!!!!!!
Allright, wherever you are reading this from, I love you all, in different ways but just as much,
your FB, baby girl and princess

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just in case you were wondering how it ended

well i certainly did stick to my guns this morning because, as predicted I got the answering machine and left a very courteous message not mentioning that i knew about the toilets but hinting by saying if they could check if something was going on above me etc etc... The landlordess called me back and started giving me the most ridiculous reply saying that the two girls who have moved in didn't put the shhower curtain inside of the bathtub and that it was probably the water dripping on the curtain that was floading me. Then in the same sentence, she sais very casually "and Kevin (the landlord) is coming on saturday to look at their toilets etc..." so i said "well i think it's a whole lot of water to be from the curtain and that i thought that it had to be the toilet and that, (i made it sound really really bad) since the damage was getting worse by the minute, it wouldn't be reasonnable to wait until saturday etc etc..." then i had to go out to take care of the plane ticket, and when i got back, she had left a message saying that they had sent a plumber etc... which is good. But it would have been too easy for me to decide that the whole thing was over so i left another message saying that i thanked them for sending a plumber that quick and (that's where i'm pretty good) that i would call back when it's dry to see when Kevin could come have a look at the damage (hinting that i was expecting reparis to be done). I haven't heard from them since but i just got back and it doesn't seem to be dripping anymore which is good. I will clean up everything now and give him a call in a few days.
I decided that if he doesn't want to do any repairs, i could ask for a cheaper rent or move out saying that he broke one of the term agreements saying that he has to make sure that the place is fit to live in, and if it's mouldy, well it isn't.

mold? ask me, well my mothita really

"Molds produce tiny spores to reproduce. Mold spores waft through the indoor and outdoor air continually. When mold spores land on a damp spot indoors, they may begin growing and digesting whatever they are growing on in order to survive. There are molds that can grow on wood, paper, carpet, and foods. When excessive moisture or water accumulates indoors, mold growth will often occur, particularly if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or un-addressed. There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores in the indoor environment; the way to control indoor mold growth is to control moisture. The key to mold control is moisture control. It is important to dry water damaged areas and items within 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. If mold is a problem in your home, clean up the mold and get rid of the excess water or moisture. Fix leaky plumbing or other sources of water. Wash mold off hard surfaces with detergent and water, and dry completely. Absorbent materials (such as ceiling tiles & carpet) that become moldy may have to be replaced."

"is beer my new boyfriend?" Anonymous, yeah right!

As I declare myself, once again free of beer, like I have repeatedly sworn off men, I realize that my love affair with the pale ale draws peculiar similarities to my love of men, and if this is true, which do I prefer? Blondes or brunettes?

Evolution of woman can be traced through her relationship with two species, animal and mineral. Woman’s initiation with both occur simultaneously, around the age of 14 at an unsupervised party, she has yet to establish preference or taste for either, but will take what she can get and as many as she can of both. Time evolves, standards are established, she establishes her theory of the ideal man, and narrows her range of beer to two, the beer bought at the beginning and the beer bought at the end of the pay period.

As I remain dateless, it occurred to me that there is a special someone filling the void of a boyfriend, and doing it so well that I barely noticed the gap, that is beer. And it became much less bizarre the more I pondered the similarities between my relationship with beer and my relationship with men. It seems that the boy’s bevy and the boy have much more in common than I first thought. Consumed in small amounts both can be beautiful, but over indulge and things can turn nasty. Both can ruin friendships, make you cry, make you fat and they both smell. My mother doesn’t particularly like the idea of too many consumed in one night, when I roll over on Sunday morning my head tells me I should have known better, and when you get down to the last bit of them, they aren’t nearly as good as what you started with. After awhile you stop dressing up in their company and in both cases I get annoyed when the barmaid takes him off my hands before I am finished.

It is better to have loved and lost, than too never have loved at all, and so I might give this guy a go, I don’t think I would ever marry him, but it’s a bit of fun while it lasts, I would like you to all meet my new boyfriend, Ale (the e is silent). If you’re worried what my parents might think, there’s no need to worry, my dad already really likes him.

see you can get the beer and the boyfriend, bargain!!!!! Posted by Hello

travel news (private)

hey my sweet bird, just to let you know that i will be paying for my plane ticket today or tomorrow at the latest. I will be fying with easy jet from nice to barcelona because it is quite cheap and a lot lot faster. i thought that i would do the same for you, meaning find a cheap easy jet flight for you to come to nice because it won't really be much more expensive than the train and a lot faster to come see me. I'm going to try to figure out the best, easiest, fastest and cheapest flights available for you and i will let you know of course.
Other than that, the landlord has made a plumber come today so hopefully it will stop leaking and start drying fast. I left a message saying that i would call back later (to the landlord) for him to come have a look at the damage because i think that it should be fixed since it can't be good to breathe the mould in all day.
I will be meeting up with rod (summer elective tutor) tonight to have a coffee, go to an opening night at the acp and have a look at my work. Hopefully, he can give me a few tips to find a job maybe. I'm going to take what i have been doing at cofa i think, just to show him and get a bit of feedback.
Ok, i'll write again soon, I hope you are well as always and that you don't have a sore throat bothering you my pretty baby, I love you very much and god, how I miss you, all my love all the way to Nepal,
Your princess

aaaaaaah it's dripping everywhere (private)

yellow baby, I just had the shittest day in the history. First of all, and I will pass the details on that one, I wasted two rolls of good film because i was too stupid to load it properly into the camera but anyway, now i know how to do it so it shouldn't happen again, it better not.
No what really makes my day shitty is that the bathroom is totally and completely leaking over my head. Apparently the toilet above me is broken so the water went through the ceiling and is dripping on the walls etc.. it's nasty, the walls are all bubbly and ready to burst.
Apparently the landlord said that he can't come until saturday which is absolutely ridiculous since it is wednesday today and it is an absolut mess. It rains on me when i sit on the toilet just to give you a little idea. The whole building is going to rot and paint will soon be flaking everywhere, it's going to be great. If he doesn't repair it well, I will definitely move out whenever i can, surely next year anyway because i don't want to spend another year here, two will be enough i think, especially if it is water damaged. The bedroom is allready really bad and just getting worse everytime i look at it. I actually noticed that one of the pillows was full of mould after being tuck between the bed and the wall for a couple days, gross!!
So i'm going to call him tomorrow morning first thing and if he doesn't want to move his arse over here, he better call a plumber. It's bad enough here, but the poor neighboors don't even have a toilet and the more i think about it, the less i understand how you are meant to live for a week without a toilet. They better not be using it though because it will just get worse and worse otherwise. I'm kinda worried about going to bed tonight and what i will find in the morning. It's disgusting. I wish you would be here to tell me that everything will be fine and dry soon. I also have to renew both my passports as soon as possible and buy my plane ticket. i might take care of all that boring stuff tomorrow or friday, it will depend on my homework i think.
Oh well, today just absolutely sucked as you will notice and i miss you very much, i wish you would be here,
I love you my beautiful angel, hope that everything is going well wherever you are right now, i'm thinking of you all the time my sweet love bird,
i'm sending you a million of kisses and all my love a l'infini,
your wet princess

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

i forgot

and i forgot to mention that for some unknown reason, and it concerns me a bit, the bathroom walls and ceiling seems to be full of water and dripping all over the place...!!! great!!!! I'm gonna have to call in my weird landlord and have him have a look at it.
This is going to be such a good day, i mean, if you read the signs, it's pretty obvious, can't wait to see what else might happen. It's not like i've been woken up in the middle of the night because a giant seagal was bitting off my pony tail...............

two unforgiving and unforgivable mistakes...

After trying my new friend sput-nik and taking a bit over 20 photos, I have made two unforgiving and unforgivable mistakes!!!
First of all, I have forgotten to change the ISO speed from 100 to 400 which means that every single picture would have been over-exposed by two stops since the camera thought it was dealing with a slow film when really, a fast film was feeding the beast.
As you might have noticed if you were reading carefully the sentence above, I said "...WOULD have been..." well, that is the result of the second and probably by far worse mistake of the two... yes yes yes, I hadn't loaded the film properly so my poor friend was actually starving but wasn't saying anything to me!! So it is essentially my fault but this also demonstrates how a bad communication within a team, or in that case, a couple might affect their common goals and lead directly to a waste of resources, time and trust.
Anyway, there I go again, this time I know the film is loaded since I spent about 10 minutes crowching in the dark between the bathroom and the living area, making sure that my companion was being fed and I have changed the ISO to 400. Hopefully, it will be more successful this time until I realise that it is possible to make another mistake that I still can't think of...
Wish me luck.... I need it

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

diva in the dark (private)

Hey baby, yesterday, i spent all day at cofa working on my prints. I developed the film that i took in albury, and they mostly all turned out really well so i'm happy. the photos of your model are beautiful, I printed those in a really small format for my architecture photography class and they look really good, very sharp and very nice contrasts. you can see the texture on the balsa. Anyway, I can't wait to show them to you. You might want to use them if you ever put that project in a portfolio. I'll just charge you a few kisses for royalities.
I also started printing a couple ones for the cofa class and i'm quite happy with them. i'll show my teacher tomorrow and see what she thinks with her expert eyes.
I went to get my dad's camera, and you don't need expert eyes to see that it's pretty snazay!!! pretty heavy too but it should be a really good tool to learn with. It looks in great condition too which is good. I'm going to have to test it soon anyway since i'm still missing the motion shots for my assignment due next week. your idea to go to centenial park is really good so that's what i will do, maybe tomorrow or on thursday.
I guess that's about all the exciting stuff i have to report. Not much is new here and I miss you a lot. I went to bed really early yesterday and was craving for you to lay next to me. Now you must be somewhere on the mount Everest and I hope you aren't feeling altitude sickness too much and that what you are seeing through your beautiful eyes as more amazing and incredible than what you could have expected in your wildest dreams.
I love you very much, and even if you can't read those emails, I'll keep updating you on things to give you plenty to read when you get back. I'm also keeping the internet thing up to date so you'll be able to see what happened here while you were gone,
I love you i love you i love you a l'infini + l'infini,
your princess

Monday, April 04, 2005

black and white galore Posted by Hello

dark room princess

Today, i have spent about 5 hours in the COFA dark rooms, first processing a roll and then printing. It's hard to believe how much time should be put into one good print. With an average of 1:30 hours per print, I have the feeling I will be spending a bit of time in there.
This afternoon, I have printed 2 8x10 inches photographs and 8 small ones. Since it is pretty much the first time ever, I feel quite happy with the results and wish that I could show them to my baby love. That will have to wait unfortunately but that time will come, and by then, I will probably have improved quite a bit.
I'm feeling a bit dizzy from the chemicals and tired from staying in the dark but I can't wait to go back and try some more prints.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

am pleased to introduce you to my new friend Sput-nik F3. I keep him happy, he keeps me happy, as simple as that. Although right now, we still have issues regarding who is really the master over the other....
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mount everest Posted by Hello

Hallelujah I Love Her So (Ray Charles)

Let me tell you 'bout a boy (girl) I know.
He(She) is my baby and he (she) lives next door.
Ev'ry morning 'fore the sun come up,
He (she) brings my coffee in my fav'rite cup.
That's why I know, yes, I know,
Hallelujah, I just love him (her) so.

When I'm in trouble and I have no friends,
I know hel'll (she'll) go with me until the end.
Ev'rybody asks me how I know.
I smile at them and say he (she) told me so.
That's why I know, yes, I know,
Hallelujah, I just love him (her) so.

Now if I call him (her) on the telephone,
And tell him (her) that I'm all alone,
By the time I count from one to four,
I hear him (her) on my door.
In the evening when the sun does down,
When there is nobody else around,
He (she) kisses me and he (she) holds me tight.
He (And) tells me "Baby, ev'ry thing's all right."
That's why I know, yes, I know,
Hallelujah, I just love her so.

i'm listening to ray right now and i don't get tired of it, reminds me of us too much Posted by Hello

3 weeks

my beautiful angel, It was such a wonderful surprise to find you on msn and being able to talk to you and see you for a few minutes.
I don't know how i will manage to wait for news from you for so long, i'm going to miss it so much and feel so far away from you. Reading your emails made me feel closer to you, a bit like talking and being able to hold you in my arms. I think i might feel a bit lost without your presence by my side, or through your emails.
I have to confess that I am scared and I hope that, somehow, it might go by fast but I doubt it. I think I will be counting the days and the hours until you come back to a computer and tell me that you are back.
In the mean time, I'm not sure what I will do. Probably try to keep myself, my mind busy and hopefully make the time go faster.
My mum, when she saw the few pictures I posted on the website, the photos of us at the bassin and in albury, she said that I looked happy, serene and complete.
It's true, I suppose she knows me well, because this is how you make me feel every second of every day that I spend with you. Yeah, you just make me feel good and I am myself, truly, when I'm with you. I can be silly and you find me funny, I can be a real dag and you find me beautiful, I can be grumpy but never for long and most importantly, you help me feel happy to be who I am. I like who I am when I am with you because you make the best of me come out and the worst retreat for an instant.
when I was in the states, there was a really bad song that kept playing on the radio and it said "ooooh I love the way you love me ooooh oooh yeah" or something like that. Anyway, even if it's a bit easy, it's kinda true that that's what i tell myself sometimes, I do love the way you love me and I love loving you my baby.
i hope the trip is wonderful and you come back safely from it, I love you a l'infini, your princess

Saturday, April 02, 2005

before leaving

Hello my beutiful princess. wonderful to hear what you have been up to even if its a bit sad. I haven't checked out the updated website yet but will do it next.
Today we have spent most of the day getting organised for the hike. We are going to fly out tomorrow morning at 6.30 to start the hike so i won't be able to write for a while. Don't worry though, I will definately still be thinking of you very much. The flight in sounds as if it will be terrifying. The plane apparantly doesn't have that much room for the decent so does it very quickly in between big mountains.
Yesterday was great. We hired bikes and rode out of town a little to a place called Patan. This place is amazing because it has such a high concentaration of increadible temples in its centre. We spent some time wonderin around them and took a few photos. We also went to the place where the Nepalease carpet production started and were able to see some carpets getting made. Jacinta bought one whic was vvery nice.
The bike riding was great to althought on the way there it was terrible because most of the roads dont have names and the traffic is horrible. The roads are so congested with traffic and none of them follow and rules amd makes it very difficutl. On the way back though it was different because we stuck to the back roads with much less traffic. We were also able to see how most people in Kathmandu live and how they still are happy even in some pretty bad conditions. It felt really good riding throught those back streets because it felt like you were really getting a good sense of the city and how it works.
I think that about it. I will write again as soon as i get back from the hike but untill then I love you very much and will be thinking of you always.
Love you, yoiur angel.

last email before the conquest of the everest?

yellow my sweetheart, How are you doing today? I hope you are having a good day and being very busy taking lots of photos.
I know i allready sent you a couple emails that you didn't have a chance to check yet but i realised that it might be the last time you are able to check for a long long time so I wanted to wish you a great trek, have the best time ever, good luck with all the hard work and do a good job on the journal. Don't get too tired, try not having a sore throat, try sleeping as much as you can and take lot's and lots of photos of the beautiful views.
I know you are going to love it and i hope it's even better than that!! I wish I could see you in your treking outfit and i hope that the old nepalese women helped you get the purfect you-know-what... Wood or metal? telescopic?
Were you able to also find a good pair of pants? Are you all set to leave? Will you be using a guide? etc etc... give me a few details if you can to give myself an idea.

I had a pretty good day here, but right now i miss you a lot and wish i could speak to you somehow. We went out last night to coogee bay hotel which was fun, had a few beers and went straight to bed after that. I'm feeling pretty tired now so i'm going to go to bed early tonigt. We went to the Glebe markets today but didn't get anything. It was too hot anyway and kinda uncomfy standing in the sun like that. we didn't stay very long. then caz went home and I hung out with Nikky for a little bit. It was all fun.
I won't be doing anything tonight, maybe watch a movie and read a bit, although my eyes feel pretty tired right now.

Anyway, that's not that exciting compared to what you are doing but i am keeping busy so that's good, right?
I hope you write soon(ish), i miss you so much baby love, i miss you i miss you i miss you,
i love you i love you i love you,
your sweet potatoe princess

here is an image of the great msn conversation we had just before you left for your first hike. See, nothing is lost.... Posted by Hello

Friday, April 01, 2005



sad morning

hey baby, i hope you are fine and enjoying your different visits around kathmandu. Can't wait to hear more about it whenever you have a couple minutes to spare.
This morning was pretty sad, we went to simon's funeral and a lot of people were there. Kris with a K was actually there too and I guess they must have been good friends because he sure was a mess, the poor. The service lasted for a bit over an hour and besides the churchy stuff, the speeches were very touching and brought tears to my eyes. It wasn't directly thinking about him that made me sad, it was how horrible and tragic what happened is and seeing all the people who really cared for him and loved him. No need to tell you that Emma was there and I feel so sorry for her as she must be going through a very very hard time.
It's interesting to see how these sad occasions help you to reflect on your own life and I wish I would be better at seeing what I do have allready and making the most of it because, really, there is worse things happening.
I'm so glad that I have you and in a strange way, this tragic event is helping me a lot with our physical separation. I realise that a year is a lot shorter than forever...
Other than that, I have been working on my photo blog thing a bit this afternoon and added quite a few pictures. Have a look at it and tell me what you think if it isn't too boring to do. You can even add a comment to any picture so feel free. I've only had one so far from some guy who thought that the cauldron in Homebush was a "nice big shower". Humm, Yeah, that's why I need some other comments... and obvioulsy one from you would just make my day!
i called up carol to see if she wanted to do nothing with me tonight but she has to go home after work so we'll see. She will call me back.
I miss the sound of your voice and your pretty eyes my pretty bird, but I know that if you're not here with me, it's because you have a good reason for that. Once again, I think that what you are doing is wonderful and I'm so glad you are doing it right now. July will be around the corner soon, I can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!
Ok, i'll write again later, i hope i get an email from you tonight, otherwise, I'll just be patient and over-excited when I do get one,
I love you so much my baby, your sweet potatoe

my reply to "visiting the sites"

hey sweety bird, thanks for the wonderful news and you don't have to apologize for the shortness, i think you are doing pretty good at putting lots of info into a few lines. And in any case, i just need to know that you are fine and enjoying yourself. It sounds like you are.
I can't wait to see photos of all that, i hope you took some today.
How funny that you went to the place that I randomly put on the website. I thought the picture looked cool but i guess it was a sign, it must have been. See, we're still closely connected even if we're so far apart...
What is there to report on this side of the world?? Well, I have to say that I kept myself very busy working on the different internet things. You didn't say much about it but i hope you liked it and that you don't mind it that i'm putting stuff like that on the internet. I think it's allright because it would be too boring to read for anyone else and the people who know us would probably skip what they think is private business. I thought it was a good way of keeping a record of everything that is happening here so that you can see that I am staying active despite the situation, and to keep what you send over here to look at later, or not look at it but it makes me feel closer to you. I thought it made it a good way of building and sharing something even while we're not together physically.
I watched the two kill bills tonight and found it pretty good i suppose. i'm not usually a big fan of tarantino's but then, i only attempted to see pulp fiction three times and irremediably fell asleep. I think i liked the second one better, less spraying blood everywhere. Well, still pretty violent but i'm talking about the weird blood hozing down the place at every arm chopped off.
Oh well, at least i'm kinda ready to go to bed now, and start a new exciting day tomorrow. Yours will probably be more exciting than mine though. I'm actually going to simon's funeral in the morning with nikky. Caz can't come because she has to work. I don't think i'll stick around too long though because i would feel kind of uncomfortable since i don't really know him that well at all. I think i let myself getting talked into going to show support and all that but it's still very weird. And, obvioulsy, funerals are not the nicest thing in the world...
I'm not sure what i will be doing for the rest of the day, i'll have to tell you that tomorrow. There's a lot of stuff that I should do, i'm not sure what i will actually achieve, it will be a surprise...
Allright, I better go for now, i probably take up all your time with my long emails and then, that's why you don't have time to write more but it doesn't matter. It feels like i'm talking to you when i'm writing so i'm not going to deprive myself the luxury,
I'll speak to you soon my love angel, i miss you terribly and can't wait to hear more from you before you go into the mountains...
I love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, i love you, i loooooooooove YOU,
Your princess

visiting the sites

Hello my beutifu princess, thanks for the wonderful emails. I see that you have been very busy. I love seeing the photos.. it was great. I was going to post a msg but i wanted to write to only you and not have every one see what i write since i imagine that your site will become hugely popular within days.
Today we did a few things in Kathmandu. first we had breackfast in the more touristy part of town and then went shopping for some clothes. I bought two shirts for arond $4 each. They are Nepalese shirts and vvery cool. You will get to see them in France. We then toured around the old part of kathmandu and saw the old tempels and squares which was really interesting but unfortunately most of them are very dirty and falling apart. It was great any way.
This afternoon we went up to Swoyambhu Temple which is the highest point in kathmandu and gives great views of the city. You actually put a photo of it on your web site which was pretty exciting to see.
We will stay around in Kathmandu for probably another two days and then start out first hike to base camp. I think that tomorrow we are going to hire bikes and explore more of the kathmandu valley.
Ok, sorry for the brief emails but time runs out fast. I love you so much and am always thinking of you and how much you would like to see all these things.
I love you, will write again soon, not sure when but definately before we leave for the hike
love you, your angel